Day 43: Final Post

Hi, my beautiful husband Pete died this morning at 12:20 AM. He died peacefully and I was privileged enough to be sitting on his bed holding his hand at that time. Pete’s decision to opt for Palliative care brought him to a place of calmness and serenity and for all of us, safety and security. It allowed Pete to relax, stop fighting and go calmly to his happy place. Thank you all so much for your constant love and support, it has meant the world to us.

As a family we will continue to strive to achieve Pete’s dream of seeing Senator Richard Di Natale’s Dying With Dignity Bill become Law.

Elizabeth and Mitchell x

156 thoughts on “Day 43: Final Post

  1. My thoughts and best wishes are with Elizabeth and Mitch, today and always.

    Pete was one of the most down to earth, inspirational people I have ever met.

    His legacy will live on

    Over and out Shorty, rest easy.

  2. RIP Shorty – It was a privilege to have had some of your wisdom in my life.
    My thoughts are with you both as you find the next chapter in your own lives.

  3. the most inspirational man I have met thank you for the memories shorty amazing and and MD rest easy shorty my thoughts are with you Elizabeth and Mitchell love and hugs from your irish friend and all area 6 on the GC xxx

  4. Thinking of you today πŸ˜ͺ,your darling husband & dad Peter was such a fighter & a true gentlemen . now at peace RIP Peter & thanks so much for sharing your wonderful life stories with us . Thinking positive that we can get the result you want with the government as I watched many of my family members put on a brave fight ,like Peter did . never forgotten always in our hearts & we are Kinder too our fur friends 🐢.please take care πŸ’•πŸŒŸπŸ’

  5. My thoughts are with you both at this sad time, I have been following peters story right from the beginning ,even though he was suffering , he made sure he enjoyed every moment of the life he had left with his in peace Peter.

  6. Such a sad day. Peter was such an exceptional man sharing his life and illness with us all in such an inspirational way.
    Love to both of you -Elizabeth and Mitch. You have been so strong for Peter and we wish you well in future days. Sandy xx

  7. I greatly admire Peter’s courageous campaign contribution to make the world a better place. Elizabeth and Mitch you can forever say “He made a difference”.
    Regards and good wishes to you.
    Marshall Perron

  8. Feel privileged to have known Peter, such a sad day today. He was truely an amazing man xxx rest in peace now Peter. My thoughts & prays are with Elizabeth & Mitch xxx

  9. Such strength and dignity was felt with Peter. So pleasing to see the anxiety settle on his last day. What a pleasure and privilege to meet you.

  10. Dear Peter, the final post
    I will miss your messages. I’ve wrote you this before, you’re such an inspiration to all who are fighting and advocating for the Dying with Dignity law.
    Although I knew this message would appear one day it still knocked the breath out of me. I’ve decided to do my part and start writing about my journey. As I told you, living in Oregon with a Dying with Dignity law in place, does not mean that everyone who needs it will be able to use it.
    I’m so thankful that your journey had a peaceful end and that you experienced how liberating palliative care can be. Be free my friend, watch over us and those who loved you so much. Sending Elizabeth and Mitchell lots of strength and courage, I know they, like we all, will miss you but are major proud of your achievements for the movement.
    Be well Elizabeth and Mitchell and many blessings.

    Portland, Oregon

  11. We all knew this day would come but it doesn’t mean we were prepared to say goodbye to this kind and careing man. I will miss following his journey and experiencing the excitement in his blog everytime he had a win. Thank you for allowing us to share it with you and your family. thank you for giving so much to us all.. My thoughts are with Elizabeth and Mitch.
    Over and out
    Margaret .

  12. To elizabeth and Mitchell. He so much wanted to be there for you both, and he loved you both very deeply. When Mitchell comes home from work on the 1st February, share that bottle of red in the celebration he was looking forward to. He’ll certainly be wishing you both every happiness possible. He was generous and loving, as well as capable, intelligent, humourous and entertaining. And Iknow how much he enjoyed anticipating your reading his story!

    Frances Clancy

  13. So very sad to hear the news yesterday. He was an inspiring man both in the business world and in his personal endeavours – the last few months were testament to this. He left his mark with many and will be sorely missed.
    Elizabeth and Mitchell, my thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

  14. We cannot continue to leave it to those who are ill to fight for legislative change. We all need to do more. This is a human rights issue and we must be seen and heard.

  15. Thank you to Peter for his energy and dedication to legalising voluntary assisted dying. His passionate advocacy, including his blog, media involvement and pursuit of politicians have left a significant footstep on the road to legislative change. His legacy will live on. Our thoughts are with Elizabeth and Mitchell on this sad day.
    Sarah Edelman, Dying with Dignity NSW.

  16. Thanks Peter for your inspiration and motivation. It was great to follow your quest and see how positively you were approaching life. It helped me to refocus on living instead of what may come and as you said to me … We are not dead yet so let’s keep making the most of our special status ie. Alive. A great message for everyone. My thoughts are with your family and friends.

  17. RIP and condolences to the family. I lost my mum to cancer early this year so your tireless efforts towards the DWD cause is dear to my heart – you made some great strides towards making this a reality, and the fact that you used your limited time for the future benefit of others is appreciated beyond words. I have been eagerly following your blog since earlier this year and I must say that you had MORE LIFE than the average person who did not have the looming death sentence that you did.

  18. I am sad to have lost a friend of 40 years. Pete was a great bloke, a mover & shaker who I will sorely miss. Angela, the children & I have so many fond memories which will live forever in our hearts. Libby & Mitchell, we are holding you close to our hearts. Vale Peter!

  19. A sad day for Peter’s family, but hopefully a lasting legacy for every Australian if his campaign leads to a more humane and compassionate society. We must now turn to Tony Abbott to honour his commitment to Peter, and not add his promise to the long list of broken promises.

    Let us all hope that Peter’s efforts will bear fruit as we remember his courageous battle against not only illness but an uncaring bureaucracy.

  20. I would be one of many who followed this man’s valiant battle with his own mortality. The fact that he looked so well in his recent pics makes the news of his death so much more shocking. Let’s hope that each and every one of us will aspire to emulate his remarkable fortitude.
    Dr Rosie Jones
    North Adelaide

  21. I am so glad that Peter is now at peace. He was the most remarkable man I have ever had the privilege to have met. Working with Peter was never dull, and having the experience of spending time with Peter and Elizabeth in Barcelona was a time in my life I will never forget. There’s not many people who make such an imprint on your life – but Peter you where one
    of those people. My thoughts and prayers are with all his family at this time. Deb Curtis xx (Coles Express Gawler)

  22. Really sad to hear the news. It really hits you although knowing that the day will come. He was a wonderful man, husband, father and friend. I still remember the day I joined She’ll and Peter was the first take me under his wing in Internal Audit. Having just migrated from Kenya, Jack Koptchinski and Peter were my fist friends and I dtill remember the Friday liquid lunches. Elizabeth and Mitch, Nisha joins me in passing on our deepest sympathies.

  23. Sorry about the typo errors.
    Really sad to hear the news. It really hits you although knowing that the day will come. He was a wonderful man, husband, father and friend. I still remember the day I joined Shell and Peter was the first take me under his wing in Internal Audit. Having just migrated from Kenya, Jack Koptchinski and Peter were my fist friends and I still remember the Friday liquid lunches. Elizabeth and Mitch, Nisha joins me in passing on our deepest sympathies.

  24. Dear Peter,
    It’s hard to find words to express feelings at this time. What an amazing man and what a great life. Elizabeth and Mitchell – our thoughts are with you.

  25. Condolences to the short family. Shorty was an absolute legend. He will always be remembered by myself and many others in coles express. Thinking of you both in this difficult time. πŸ™‚

  26. Dear Elizabeth and Mitchell, I am not sure if my last comments were posted but I want to say how sad I am to hear of Peter’s passing. It was a great privilege to look after him in Day Oncology. He always managed a smile no matter how he felt and was very focused on concern for others. What an inspiration! I am so glad he got to be on ‘The Exchange’ with my Pastor’s Rob and Christie Buckingham. You cared for him so well and it was wonderful also to witness your beautiful relationship. May you know the loving comfort of special memories, times of sharing with family and friends all that Peter meant to so many. Be assured of my prayers in these difficult times. Thank you Peter for the honour of looking after you in some small way xox

    • thank you so much Katie, all the staff at Day Oncology are held close to my heart, what a wonderful job you do and thank you so much for your care of Peter.

  27. To Elizabeth and Mitchell, our prayers and thoughts are with you now and in the years to come……Shorty has set a precidint, Coles Express will hold their heads high and smile because of his influence and guidance. The respect and love for Shorty does not end here. The things learnt does not end here.
    Sending you both and Shorty the greatest respect and admiration.

  28. Peter has been an inspiration to us all in the struggle to have our politicians legislate for compassionate choice with voluntary assisted dying. Thank you too, Elizabeth and Mitchell, for your contribution. Ian Wood, National Co-ordinator, Christians Supporting Choice for VE

  29. Dear Elizabeth and Mitchell

    I didn’t know Peter, but I have been following his journey for the past year and am one of many thousands who has been so touched and so inspired by his actions and passion.

    Thank you for sharing him during his final weeks and months, when you knew you had limited time. My heart goes out to you at the loss you must be feeling right now.

    It is devastating to lose someone in that way but his story will be heard and his legacy will be incredible. I wish you all the best at this sad and difficult time.


  30. I looked forward to reading Peter’s blogs, such an inspiration and determined person he was. My deepest condolences to Elizabeth and Mitch, I will continue to support his wishes. Take care Milka

  31. Elizabeth and Mitch, so sad to hear about Peter’s passing. Peter was inspirational and he made a difference. He will be remembered for his affable nature, sense of fun, good humor, positivity, ‘can do’ attitude and leadership. He had many friends and admirers.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Take care.

  32. A an unforgettable soul with an amazing spirit. Gone from here but leaving a legacy that won’t be forgotten. RIP Shorty, and deepest sympathy to all of the people who loved him and will miss him, including the old Shell Australia team.

  33. So incredibly sad to hear of peter’s death, my deepest sympathy to you both. Elizabeth and Mitchell you have been so generous to share him with us all, and for you all to fight so hard for dignity in dying. We can certainly honour that fight by continuing to raise awareness and spread the message. May 2015 be the year we raise the dying with dignity discussion with family and friends, and all we really kick the cause along.
    Be gentle with yourselves in your time
    of grief, may your hearts be comforted by all the happy memories you share, and may you gain some solace in knowing that others care. You will remain in my thoughts.
    Much love gayle xx

  34. Your husband and father is amazing. I worked with him a lifetime ago and he was a force to be reckoned with. Having lived in Holland for the last 10 years where dying with dignity is an every day choice with friends and family …but also having lost 2 parents in 2013 in Australia without that choice…I can only cherish the memories of Peter and hopefully the legacy he has left with his last cause. I only hope for that.

  35. Many of us will remember him well from our Shell days. If his contribution there wasn’t enough, what he has done and achieved on behalf of Dying with Dignity has been truly inspirational.
    Elizabeth and Mitchell – my deepest sympathies, as well as my upmost respect for Peter.

  36. Pete may you now feel that dignity that others may one day come to know.
    Shorty was the life of the party – always – where we first met at the Shell Isands department and continued to show us what life was meant to be – light and fun.
    Hearing of your passing makes me heavy and sad, but know that your legacy will live on to show us that you must live life thoroughly lovingly and laughingly.

    Much deepest sympathies to his brave family Elizabeth and Mitchell.


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