Day 36/90: Offline literally! Pneumonia, Emergency all day then released top home hospital service

Happy Xmas Eve, I have had a lot happen in the last few days. Thank goodness the PM got to me in time, amazing how the political focus slips when life and death rear their head and toss it around like a black stallion with a long silky hair-main in a Meatloaf or Ferarri advert.

Story goes a little like this………Sunday night woke up 3am with temp up too high, a bit delirious and very hard to breath with lots of pain in chest around coughs. Elizabeth managed me through this as I took a bit more morphine to enable me to breath and can’t remember much more than struggling with suffocation. At least I know now, how hard that is.

Monday Morning we went to emergency and stayed all day. They did X-ray, bloods, CT scan and it was clearly pneumonia and oxygen in lung intake around 80. They want 90 and close to 100 normal. This all led to a discussion around the view was I should be admitted for 3-5 days and take a dose of intravenous stuff combined with with pills for 10 days to get on top of the pneumonia. The very clever ER doctor and mine however combined to decided going home was an even better and I could do so on their Hospital home service. Nurse daily to administer observations and intravenous top up and doctor at another point daily to talk, check and generally assist. Oncall for emergencies. Amazing service and why we should all be up for full health care insurance before buying booze and fags. I don’t smoke by the way! We then got to go home and I was home in bed at about 5pm Monday, very tired, a little unsure and somewhat apprehensive. Is this the start of Niagara falls?

Monday night very difficult mix of coughing, pain, morphine and low level suffocation events. Morphine and staying calm gets things under control but the journey is scary and one that can only be managed by learning.

Tuesday doctor and nurse came round. Did the bits we needed, discussed the difficulties of the prior night and learnt a bit more. Was a pretty long and tiring day and the first one for 5 years spent entirely in bed. This is certainly not a good thing to do from a physical or mental point of view, and to me feels like giving up. It also cause’s pneumonia phlegm to build up and become more problematic. This was evidenced by more coughing, lots of blood tainted flem, cleverly spat into a red bucket, well it is XMAS!  and some short busts of nausea. The drugs to hit the pneumonia however kicked in over the day so last night though difficult, was better. Tonight fingers crossed I don’t spit blood at Santa, red suit…no!

That brings us up to this morning. I awoke feeling pretty average but got up, and generally participated in a bit of normal activity, Jeremy filming bits, drop over of a few people for xmas cuppa, one all the way from New York who I have not seen for 15 mths, doctor and nurse came at different times but both found me up and about and I think I have dodged what was about to become a big constipation issue which is good. Morphine and codeine require a plan around constipation so go Movicol as a minumum. All this may be a bit graphic but the ideas is to let people know more so maybe it will help someone somewhere over the rainbow who knows Dorothea.

Game from here and ? are.

1. Can we knock over the pneumonia and regain strength. Yes and in 5-7 days

2. Does it change anything, thoughts etc. Yes it sure makes suffocation a scarier thing. Also I continue to be impressed by the hospital system I am in and people who are in it they are phenomenal

3. Have I made up my mind around taking my own life or going the natural causes way? No I have not but can see the Choice option offers timing dilemmas that will be an interesting part of what decision is taken so maybe it is not as linear process as I had thought

4. How are Mitch and Elizabeth? Both huge support for me in my unit of 3, and they seem strong as a uint of 2. Both teams are in pretty good shape. Should put up a mean Xmas day srrum, I think thats a sports term that applies, let me know if I am wrong.

Finally the Prime minister asked me about my pain score at 0/10 and assumed, as it is counter logical to the others, I must be in great pain. As of today pain is to be read as all the rest, 10 is fantastic and 0 is not good at all.

Hope this update does the job. It is one of the major reasons I created this initially so I am getting great bang for my blog so to speak. Have a great evening and day tomorrow, I will:)

Pain 9/10  Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5/10 Life Enjoyment 9/10

29 thoughts on “Day 36/90: Offline literally! Pneumonia, Emergency all day then released top home hospital service

  1. Wow what a journey with fantastic honesty. I hope you have a fabulous Crissy and that Santa brings you heaps of ‘health’. Cheers 🎅😎🎅

  2. thanks for the update Peter, I was getting concerned when I realised you had not updated since Saturday! Hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow.

  3. Wishing you a wonderful day with your family tomorrow and I hope tomorrows update is full of Christmas cheer, puddings and slippery tasty food and custard! May the drugs do their job and the red bucket be put away.

  4. My thoughts are with you every day Peter and thank you for the huge effort to try and bring about a change! You don’t gross me out with all the detail. I helped nurse my father through 12 months of cancer and my partner for 3 1/2 yrs so I know this is the deal when you have cancer. Unfortunately I have just been diagnosed myself only 5mths after loosing my partner. I hope things change so if I need to I have a choice! Your positive attitude is inspiring for me . Take care. Karen

  5. You are amazing, Peter and inspiring! You have taken a position on what you believe is right and moved mountains (with Tony and others) in difficult personal circumstances. Hope you feel better and enjoy a beautiful Xmas and New Year with Elizabeth and Mitch. Congrats to Mitch for graduating. Well done! You and Elizabeth should be proud. Thinking of you, and Merry Xmas! Regards, Audrey

  6. Merry Xmas Peter and the family , wishing you a great day tomorrow ! keep on punching we have the new year to see in !!!!! Tom

  7. I just read your blog for today and went on to reading what you are going through, So glad that Tony lifted your spirits and you have had a horrible week, I actually had a little sook….I wish you everything Peter that could come your way to relieve your pain on this christmas Evel Merry Christmas.

  8. Hi Peter thoughts are with you and you continue to inspire and amaze but normal for people who have known you! Have a wonderful Xmas glad you are here for it another goal achieved!

  9. Wishing you and your family a a truly wonderful Christmas Peter. I’m really pleased the hospital system is working so well for you – one of the BIG advantages of living in metropolitan Australia! You exemplify Ghandi’s “be the change you want to see in the world” and it’s a fantastic present. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself on your blogs. May 2015 bring peace and joy.

  10. Merry Christmas Peter, Elizabeth and Mitch. May tomorrow be as special as you three are. Looking forward to seeing you soon. May the red bucket be replaced with a red wine tomorrow at the table. If your video is half as good as your blogs it will win an Australian film award !

  11. So glad you updated Peter and sorry that you have had such a bad week. The best wishes for tomorrow and hope you’ll have a wonderful day with the 3 of you. Merry Christmas 🎅🎅

  12. By Gosh Peter you know how to keep your readers on the edge of their seat! Thankful you are doing better now. It’s is strange that I’m doing this because I hate it when others do it to me, giving tips like; you really should try this… But in this case I feel I should because it’s so simple and it helped me so much. I have constant bouts with pneumonia also. Sucks! My doctor is a Naturopath so he knows lots of alternative ways to keep me alive. One of them is in a essential oil burner put in some water and a view drops of either Eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil. Both clean the air, especially useful at night when sleeping and the make it easier to breath. And with this Christmas time nobody will find it strange your home smells like Eucalyptus or like peppermint, they will just think your baking som extra cookies. Give it a try, you have nothing to loose. Wishing you and yours many happy days, weeks and months to come. You’re such an inspiration Peter, thank you for all the encouragement and the laughs, especially the laughs!
    Be well and many blessings.
    Portland Oregon

  13. Hi Peter,

    sounds like it’s been a terrible time the last few days. I understand completely as I walked with my late wife on her journey to death. She suffered terribly for the last year or so, wanted to die 4 months before she did. That suffering made it so much harder for us left behind after she went.

    It’s not easy going through this for all of you. I’d have to say though that having your loved ones there with you on the journey is very special. That sort of love is almost sacred. At the end my wife and I were the closest we’d ever been, and ironic that we had to say goodbye. But in a way it expressed the beauty of our love. Something I will always cherish.

    Thinking of you and your family…..

  14. Merry Christmas Peter, Elizabeth and Mitch. Hope you had a better night, and have had a lovely day spent with family and friends. Still miss you. Love Deb Curtis x

  15. Thinking of you Peter, and all those in your predicament. Today at our family lunch we shared the good things that had happened this year. My brother-in-law was thankful that after nine years of total misery, his mother died. In the same year my sister died (aged 56), with just a few months of physical and mental anguish, and luckily a sensible doctor who decided with us to place her in palliative care – she lasted less than 24 hours. Take care, Peter. I’m following your life with hope that it will better inspire others to follow your lead, Anne xx

  16. Thinking of you all as you go through this process. It obvious that you have a strong team backing you up. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  17. Pete, your comment about the PM not understanding the pain score has me a little perplexed. If I were inclined to be disingenuous I might comment that the PM has little understanding of numbers and pain associated with them unless they suit his political agenda. I think most of your followers understand the scores as you have originally established them. Regardless of the score, everyone (including the PM) would wish you a continued pain-free journey. Ding xx

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