Day 32/90: Tony Abbott commits to free vote on euthanasia

I have featured in several Fairfax newspapers today including The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald regarding my phone call yesterday with Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Please click here to read the newspaper article titled ‘Tony Abbott commits to free vote on euthanasia’ written by Kate Hagan.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 15/10

9 thoughts on “Day 32/90: Tony Abbott commits to free vote on euthanasia

  1. 15 out of 10??? Whoo Hoo!! Best Wishes for your finest Christmas ever. Lots of slippery food and equal or greater amounts of fine French champagne. Recommend a little (lot?) of Billecart Salmon bubbly. Will certainly raise a glass (or two) to you at lunch on Christmas Day. Hope you, Elizabeth and Mitchell have a wonderful day. xx Julie

  2. Good evening Peter

    I do not think that anyone can genuinely understand where you are in your journey unless they have been there or travelling that road with a loved one. I pray I am never in that place, I lost my sister to cancer but it was relatively quick and a long time ago before this debate became an issue. I think of you and your family often as I follow your journey. I wish you a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter. I hope your journey continues to be one of mostly 10’s!! You are and continue to be an inspiration to many.

    God Bless you On this journey My love and best wishes to you and your family!! Tricia Edwards


  3. Congratulations Peter that is fantastic news. You must feel so heartened to have been heard about such an important issue to you and your family and all Australians. Thinking of you, Elizabeth and Mitch through this xmas period. Hope you manage to have lots of laughs and plenty of red wine. Missed you at the xmas party! We all think of you often

    Liz Kerr xx

  4. Hi Peter – FYI, I just sent the following letter to the Age, copied to a bunch of pollies.

    ‘Tony Abbott’s assurance to Peter Short that federal Liberals (like Labor) will be allowed to vote freely on the upcoming Dying With Dignity Bill is heartening news. Please, politicians, whether or not you think you would want the option of a hastened death for yourself when terminally ill, don’t deny it to others. Acknowledge that the vast majority of Australians – who you represent – have said they support this. And imagine the palliative comfort for dying people of knowing they can choose to ease themselves out gently, at home, when they feel it’s time to let go – even if, in the end, they never actually do it.’

  5. woohoo!!! was happy to receive an update in my email. i am totally in awe of people such as yourself who are making such a difference to the world.

  6. Hello Peter,
    A whole hearted thank you for your amazing effort. You climbed the mountain, pushing a barrow with the O2 concentration depleting as you got higher. Well done.
    Now lets see if the Liberal Party can stand by..” in short (no pun intended), we simply believe in individual freedom..(and free enterprise.)
    Will this core belief of the party stand or will the religious minority get precedence. Its time to start or re lobbying our State and Federal members.

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