Day 29/90: Had to knock back a Dick Smith helicopter flight and coffin arrived!

Was all set to shoot up to Sydney to meet Dick Smith tomorrow but unfortunately I don’t have enough confidence in my breathing and the leg clotting still has not fully dissolved. As a result I unfortunately had to forgo the opportunity, just shows never look to far into the future. I hope Dick understands and am sure he will.

Had a great filming session with a 90 year old lady I have become very fond of. She has led an amazing life and her views today to be included in my docko will be interesting, and probably a little controversial. It is astounding what can be packed into 90 years of life.

Funeral director rang today to tell me my custom coffin has arrived. How exciting. I am going to go check it out and we will see but I feel a compelling need to give it a test lie, weird but I am drawn. Will see when I go if it remains a good idea. I really love what my old marketing team and Coles designed up for me, it was a big ask but they did a great job.

Finally snuck into Coles for a coffee with my old boss today. I must admit I still miss the place, but they are doing great without me:) The big change is the 5 story car park built at the rear, great for the team as parking was a bit off a problem.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

4 thoughts on “Day 29/90: Had to knock back a Dick Smith helicopter flight and coffin arrived!

    • Not many people get to or would want to choose their own coffin! Why am not surprised that you have and that you would want to give it a test lie?

  1. You BLOODY BEAUT Peter !!!!!I!! The PM finally may lead me to believe he has a heart somewhere within that carcass…… or at the very least hes trying to up his fan base 😉
    Hopefully now you can let sleeping dogs lie with him and move forward to more progressive projects. All the best to you and yours for the xmas break xx

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