Day 27/90: Fat leg, Doco office, broken car & Chest X-ray

Here is a shot re size difference, getting better now on blood thinners.

IMG_1598A big thank you to Gail and Craig who answered our office space call out for the documentary. Fantastic fully furnished and equiped office in Carlton which is way beyond anything expected. Fiim crew moved in today! Peter Short Film Documentary PTY LTD is looking way too professional. Donations always welcome, via the details on the donate and documentary tab above.

On the weekend we had a special time with our best friends and some of the younger generation at Oakdene winery in Wallington. It is an amazing place for lunch. One friend read a poem, better than when I can’t hear it was the idea, a good one both poem and idea. Elizabeth and I were staying down at Queensciff overnight and Mitch was driving home, see pic

IMG_1605His car does not have a spare and this tyre shredded, Car now at Ocean Grove RACV waiting for new tyre, pick up Wednesday. Lesson, run flats not good if tyre shreds but saves the rim. It did mean he stayed sat night with us and our friends so it was really a lot of fun.

Went for a Chest X-ray this arvo. Xray lady was great and let me have a look. Lots of fluid in the right lung which is also quite compromised due to the surgery a few years ago. Anyway will see my oncologist tomorrow. Will check the leg getting skinnier is as expected and have a chat about when/if  we do a bit of lung draining, they say no big drama but can’t be fun.

My cousin Michael Short today did his last paper based The Zone in Melbourne Age today. They are taking it digital, very exciting. Have a read of the last paper one and thanks Michael for the inclusion of my striving to change the law around Choice at end of life for terminally Ill and Intolerably suffering people in this last one. Without Michael and Fairfax I doubt I could have ever got this campaign for Choice and Dying with Dignity off the ground.

Finally I had a great early arvo with Mitch who helped me go round Chadstone, Melbournes largest shopping centre doing my Christmas shopping. We learnt a few  things, I am decisive, I don’t cue and money is fun to spend when you soon won’t need it. I think this is going to be a good Chrissy. PS We have already started eating our XMAS cake Elizabeth made just in case.

PM Tony Abbott seems to be hunkering down to wait me out, but that is not going to work, have a few ideas left, help from others welcome.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

8 thoughts on “Day 27/90: Fat leg, Doco office, broken car & Chest X-ray

  1. What a pity that Tony Abbott doesn’t make himself available to you Peter. The situation in Sydey doesn’t help either just hope and pray that it will end well. Keep trying Peter and stay strong xxxxxxx

  2. hello peter,
    I had the privilege to meet you in person at the DWD AGM and again wish to express how I admire how well you handle both the medical situation and show such determination to change the law concerning dying with dignity. At all times in a selfless manner. I hope the future law will be named the Short law in your honour as I could not fine a more deserving man or more fitting legacy.
    As a young person myself facing chronic illness I appreciate and understand the efforts it takes to achieve sometimes the very basics in life yet you seem to progress and accomplish more than the healthiest of us.
    Well Done Peter!
    fondest regards Leanne

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