Day 24/90: Off to Emergency at 8pm last night, game on! Dignity ring for Xmas


I said to Elizabeth last night my legs are tired and really are wasting. We then did a few stretches and crunches and i headed off to bed. I tore off my pants and amazingly my right leg was 40+ pct bigger than my left leg. Those 2 legs usually never change size like that! We rang palliative care and they set us up to go to what I consider my second home, Cabrini Emergency. I just love everyone in that Hospital! A short wait after triage and then into a bed in emergency ward, blood test and decision to go off to get a Doppler ultrasound. Nurses were great as was the Doc. I found it eerie rolling through the back bits of the hospital all cloaked in night light and down through the bowels where a lot of Rays and Nuclear and CT and Doppler stuff happen. I was in a lot of those rooms 6 years ago in very yucky scenarios so it was a bit like visiting ghosts. Anyway the great on call Doppler Doctor looked after me and it turns out I have clots in my groin and lower guts, therefore blocking the flow out of my leg like a dam in a river was the quote. Rolled back up to emergency and then chat with the Doc re options. Started with a shot of Clexane, and prescription for pills or thinners as they get called.This is an advance from 6 years ago where I had to self inject 2 times a day for 6 month, now just pills, fantastic. I need to take them for 3 months, I find a smile in that and promised the doc I would do my best to take the last pill and I will. Then due to the severity of clotting we discussed maybe a 2 day stay in hospital to keep me still and rested.

My oncologist, now my escape artist was rung and he knows my wishes so I was told to go home, take the pills and rest for a few days till the clots dissolve. We all agreed an embolism at home or at hospital whats the difference its never going to be fun. We got out of there like a Bat out of Hell (my favourite song even more so now)  and boy did I enjoy sharing a midnight drumstick with Missy my cocker on my bed. These are just magic ups and downs. The ups have more magic. Hopefully from here I can stay on my track which is simply eating and breathing issues. When we got home Mitch who was waiting anxiously and I had a hug and laughed about we had both thought we rushed out so fast there was no goodbye, a lesson for the future just in case. He had at least thought about it but was concerned if he has I would have freaked, considerate hey, but why talking is essential.   I also throw in a pic with Mr Kennett I left off the other day. IMG_1594

Well thats it for a dramatic night and relaxing day. PM Abbott had better hurry up as his odds of outlasting me are getting better daily.

I lastly and belatedly also remind you of the Dignity Ring which you can buy via the tab at the top of the blog. Great xmas present and way to further the cause

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7/10 (clots are worth a -1) Life Enjoyment 9.8/10

14 thoughts on “Day 24/90: Off to Emergency at 8pm last night, game on! Dignity ring for Xmas

  1. Peter, you are so inspirational and selfless!!! Going through all of this, downplaying it and still finding time to update us all.God bless you and I hope you break your record. You will never be forgotten that’s for sure.
    You are such a role model to us all. Sandy xx

  2. We are all pulling for you….. have a little rest, some more slippery dumplings… and when you are up to it, maybe a small glass of red? Go well. Julie

  3. Phew!! Glad it was able to treated and your oncologist knew to say that it’s just as fine to go home with the treatment! I wish the hospital docs would have said the same thing – I wonder how many others have to stay in hospital when they could quite easily recover at home?

    Hope you’re on the mend

  4. Thanks for sharing your amazing life Peter ,so glad that you can go home & enjoy your family & Missy too . Have a wonderful Christmas with Elizabeth ,drink & enjoy your Xmas food ,much better than being in a hospital at Xmas . Fab pic with Jeff 😃,look after your self 💕

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