Day 23/90: Apology to PM, still need a meeting! People, emotions and things boys hide

On Day19/90 I put up spoof press releases on Dying with Dignity. Reflection, discussion and with peers led me to conclude this was inappropriate. I stress no-one has contacted me re the matter. I think taking them down was just the proper thing to do. My campaign is too important to take a misstep in terms of integrity and this was one. ( a lesson from Joan Kirner for me)

With that said Mr PM, I am starting to feel I am playing a waiting game, i.e. you are just waiting me out. Unfortunately you can, as I will inevitably die in the next few months and be out of your way. Please don’t let it end that way for either of us. We will have a positive experience, promise.

Had an amazing interview with Joan Kirner yesterday ex Vic Premier. Wow has she done some things and got some great ideas. Meeting with both Kennett and Kirner has inspired me in a few ways and given me a different lens. I can see now a little bit why and how politicians are different from corporates. Both of them had incredibly disciplined models in their heads around how to attack things.

Office Space. The doco film crew is now a team of 5. The problem we have is they need a small office space in the Melbourne south eastern suburbs or not to much further away. It would be to do team meets, lap tops, edit equ etc. One medium room a few desks and  chairs, power would be fantastic. Need it for say 3 to 4 months max. If anyone can help out as a donate it would be hugely appreciated, we can’t afford on the budget to rent one. Let me know on We would give you a credit in the tele movie as I now call it. It is far more than an everyday Australian Doco.

Have also had a bit of catching up with old Coles friends this week, including tomorrow another. They are tremendous conversations and it is so exciting to still be able to have a view on where things are heading, and how exciting the outlook is, not an official view: mine 🙂

I had my first emotional wobble last night. Big sister came over and got into are you feeling death getting closer and are you going to miss things like grandchildren. I tried to think hard on it and did my first tear up, not a flood however. Interesting thing is the way I am doing things is to be excited and aggressive around short term goals, like some key dates for me in the short term, commitments, birthdays and Mitch starting work. These I think/ hope I can make it and they are realistic targets. Just like business if the target is not real no point chasing it. To think about what is out there you will miss is just pointless, so I don’t. Still another clarifying learning for me and interesting. A bit of cheek water was probably due and it made cuddling Elizabeth then the dog all that much sweeter.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

6 thoughts on “Day 23/90: Apology to PM, still need a meeting! People, emotions and things boys hide

  1. FRIDAY, Dec. 5, 2014 (HealthDay News) — Already-strong public support for right-to-die legislation has grown even stronger in the days since the planned death of 29-year-old brain cancer patient Brittany Maynard, a new HealthDay/Harris Poll has found.
    An overwhelming 74 percent of American adults now believe that terminally ill patients who are in great pain should have the right to end their lives, the poll found. Only 14 percent were opposed.
    Broad majorities also favor physician-assisted suicide and physician-administered euthanasia.
    Only three states — Oregon, Washington and Vermont — currently have right-to-die laws that allow physician-assisted suicide.

    This a little piece of article that was written in Cancer Compass webpage: I just thought you may be interested in read Peter.

    Drink some warm Lime juice it can help Lung cancers.

    Peter you have worked so hard for all us to prove your point and to have law change. But I still think that you could have made it if you had of tried some Alternative Therapies. Chemo is not the one pill that fits all. There is a new drug called MK-3475 having fantastic result with lung cancer.

    We all hope for success before you pass.

    God Bless

  2. Ooooh… don’t think it productive nor good for you to dwell on “things to miss”. Sis needs to reassess that approach, much better for you to continue to think about your short term goals. You have to manage this your way…. nobody else’s…I think. Keep going the way YOU feel comfortable to do. xxx Julie

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