Day 21/90: Overwhelmed by Jeff Kennett, Derryn Hinch & good stuff except PM intransigence

Not sure where to start.

Lets begin with cancer stuff. My voice took a turn for the worse after my big female cabinet night. Thought it was overwork, you try talking over that many ladies! Went to ENT man today rang at 9, in at 4.10 amazing. He stuck the elephant nose tool down my nose through felt it wiggle as far down as my bum, and bottom line is not a big drama maybe like the ladies a bit of silicone and botox shift. Theory is voice and letters come from lungs, vocal chords and mouth, I have 1 in 3 in top form, concentrate on slowing up, not talking as much and pronouncing like an English person. Fantastic outcome as I though back to hospital for a tune. Love that ENY man.

Documentary, interviewed Jeff Kennett ex premier today. Huge supporter of DWD and what a fantastic hour or so. Felt like talking to an old friend. Big learning was he challenged me on the key elevator message re change of law as everyone needs to understand, and it has to be simple. It is a big learning as I struggled to give him a best in class response and if I can’t no one can. Work there for me and political crew.

Derryn Hinch dropped by Monday and we interviewed each other as 2 people who have faced a terminal diagnosis. He is now in a better place. But this guy had just returned from 2 weeks in NZ on hols and had taken a heli mountain bike ride where he fell off. 2 cracked vertebrae and a cracked rib and he rolls in to talk with me. Drives a big ol caddy amazing and cool.This is a very special person. We had a great talk and things in the works as he wants the law changed as much as me……..

Been mucking round with a secret TV thing. No more comment on that. It went seriously off the rails but today a 2 hour session sorted it all and again exciting times ahead.

Picking up on the rock song, Dr Rodney Syme sent me a poem on dying with choice. I sent it to Roy my music star and he put it to song. Rodney came over tonight with Marilyn my PR lady from QLD, and I played it to them and we shared a special red, those who know me can guess starts with G ends with E. I swear I saw a small tear in Rodney’s eye when he heard the song written as a poem by him 4 years ago. Again plans in place to take it and Roy Global

Mitchell got his last exam results. He PASSED with a Distinction so now Feb 1 he begins a career in FMCG as a graduate recruit in Store Development, proud dad and just so so happy.

Not sure what chemistry is happening in my body and brain but I am in a seriously great place, maybe a bit of morphine, 5 ml of valium before I subjected my self the the ENT probe, 2 G….e and 3 charadies alters perspective.

Have just watered our veggies, marvelled at the tomatoes one answered back and now better sign off as clearly this is a bit of a non standard blog.

Hope PM has a read and says , oh he can’t be that bad, tomatoes talk to him to!

Last bit is I am reappraising my Physical Health measure. I think it is where it is at 5 I am a whinger. So recalibrating to 8 as a base line and we go from there

Also had 2 old friends drop in out of the blue his morning, one a brilliant potter/artist bearing gifts and the other unbelievably her ex sister in law who I have craved to have a hi with.

Better go to bed as Van Morrison says I am feeling comfortably numb!

Pain 0/10 Physical Health 8/10 Mental Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 13/10

16 thoughts on “Day 21/90: Overwhelmed by Jeff Kennett, Derryn Hinch & good stuff except PM intransigence

  1. Thanks for the inclusion……I’m so happy that my art pleases you and Elizabeth. Yet somehow it feels awkward for me…given the gravity of your personal health situation. Hang in there…Mr and Mrs Short. We need you both……in so many aspects of this tiny world of ours. Xo

  2. Hi Peter. I heard you ABC 702 the other day. I signed your petition on the day and have been following your blog. I have today posted on Facebook and will endeavour to get you more support with your petition. I will do my best in my networking circles to tell your story and communicate what you are working so hard to achieve! Much love and light your way, scott.

  3. Not sure how you do it Shorty. Your personal posts and momentum on DWD just keep getting better by the day. Makes me wonder what the hell I am doing with my time. I hope Elizabeth got to share the Gxxxxe and a very huge well done to Mitchell on his results. He has truly earnt the right to play on his own merits and I know he’ll follow your footsteps of greatness. Cheers.

  4. Great that Mitch has secured his head role, Peter! If anyone knows how to drive home an impactful message, it is Jeff Kennett! He is a hard man to argue with. I am going to 1st Choice to find the good red that starts with G and ends with E. Props to Roy for the music too.

  5. It was great to see you, Libby and Mitchell yesterday. Been way too long. But really glad I did. It’s like Bourke St at your place though – don’t know how you keep it up. Love to you all.

  6. Hope I don’t sound like a pedant but it was Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters who wrote the lyrics for “Comfortably Numb.” Van said “it stoned me to my soul” but he was talking about water not wine. I have a great memory of hearing you sing loudly along to both songs with your Walkman blasting through headphones as you soaked up the sun in a caravan park in Coffs Harbour dreaming of riding in a sports car through Paris with Lucy Jordan. Your singing hasn’t improved but your enthusiasm for it still shines. :Ding

  7. Wow!! What a day……. Keep going on the fabulous red it obviously agrees with you 🙂 !! Apart from talking tomatoes that is… hahahaha. Shades of Prince Charles years ago who was known for talking to his veggie garden, don’t know if they talked back? Many congrats to Mitchell for a wonderful exam result. Keep up the fine work but squeeze in just a little rest? Or not, go Shorty!
    Don’t forget to have a little food along with the wine….. chicken soup? Home made chicken soup will keep you going…. Julie

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