Day 19/90: PM Tony Abbott, Josh Frydenberg, Fiona Nash and George Brandis press release on Dying with Dignity and me offering leadership

The following is what it is all about and how simple the ask really is, they just need to copy and print. Feel free to send broadly to all members of parliament and opinion leaders. Media may even care to publish this spoof press release or give me a call. Front page of the Age and SMH to much to hope for? Please click on each of the ministers to read the press releases.

Have taken down as courtesy and it was inappropriate by my standards on reflection day.

I am at the end of my bliz for now on a meeting with the PM but will not give up, the silence will simply fester his lack of action in the public mind, till I again lift the scab! Owch. There are some significant plans left for the remaining days 71 to be exact, as well as lots on just the plain old journey. Very busy next week with some CEO’s ,ex Premiers and Hinch, should get some valuable ideas and docko input. Maybe they can get to the PM. Off to my sisters 60 birthday celebration, how exciting, lots of family a bit of good wine and hopefully some slippery small food. Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5/10 Life Enjoyment 12/10 if this gets traction, has all day to do so for a change.

11 thoughts on “Day 19/90: PM Tony Abbott, Josh Frydenberg, Fiona Nash and George Brandis press release on Dying with Dignity and me offering leadership

    • Thanks, me to, it is just so sad that something some obvious and important is caught up in this political fight cage. If politicians really thought about it they could for once all embrace what is right , a bit of humanity and just do this. Senator DiNatale has given the model and the leadership, the world has demonstrated it is time, we just need to do something for us all and stop fighting like children. It a bit like in the old days everyone had fish and chips on a sunday night if they wanted to as it was cheap, fun and warm and comforting. Giving choice on dying with dignity is not different if you stand back and be reasonable.
      Do I live in a parellel universe?

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    • 13U.De, Drew, Pontiac grad prix, Micah and Car exhaust parts Get off this blog you arseholes! This is about a person dying of cancer and his fight for his rights.

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