Day 17/90: My Cabinet addresses the PM Tony Abbott, who is still staying silent!

Radio 6PR Paul Murray drive time, Some very clear messages I hope, you be the judge.

My continued drive to meet with the PM, it is getting seriously wearing,though Senator Frydenberg’s office advises me they are trying. My executive Cabinet speaks out! Also had a great in station interview this morning with ABC to be played in both Vic and NSW, again same messages Choice at end of Life, meet me Mr Prime Minister, will pt up tomorrow.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

11 thoughts on “Day 17/90: My Cabinet addresses the PM Tony Abbott, who is still staying silent!

  1. I heard you today on ABC radio. You clarified your mission for choice at end of life so simply yet eloquently. I feel so ignorant. I’d had concerns about a person with a terminal illness wanting to end their life when at a low and fragile point which they may have had the opportunity to turn around at some time in the future. I’m probably representative of a lot of people.
    Keep up the great work. You’re no rockstar but I fully endorse your quest.

    • Hi Anne. I can understand your concern about premature ending of life, but the data from jurisdictions with legal assisted dying shows that in many cases patients who have requested and been given the ‘green light’ for an assisted death frequently live LONGER and have a better end quality of life than those who do not request assistance. The knowledge that they have the assistance arranged is a powerful anti-depressant in its own right. In Oregon, USA, a third of the patients do not actually go on to take their fatal medication, but it does provide peace of mind. Ian Wood, National Coordinator, Christians Supporting Choice for Voluntary Euthanasia.

      • This has turned my whole viewpoint around. My personal thought has been “quality as opposed to quantity” when it comes to life. I feel that I’ve now found a sensible and sensitive solution. Thank you. I’m very comforted.

    • And have a private lunch with media leaders in Melb just down the road but they all have more likes than me 🙂 Maybe if people start ringing these shows asking for some broader content , like Dying with Dignity and current DiNatale Draft exposure bill legislation.
      30 mins on explaining the facts about it would be helpful for all and quite powerful in assisting the discussion.

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