Day 15/90: Christmas Plea to Prime Minister for a meeting, it would be easier to meet Santa!

Dear Mr Prime Minister, I attach a youtube link I hope you find informative,entertaining and a call to action. Can you seriously ignore an Australian who is trying so hard for so many, come on, its nearly xmas.

Hi everyone, this one is a bit early, day is only half gone but it is a winner. Clear schedule. I have had a very exciting media discussion/negotiation this morning that will add to my momentum but is shrouded in secrecy. If anyone can assist with my PM quest, letters, calls to his office or even better appeal to his better half his wife go for it. Nothing like a Honey talk to Shorty whispered in his ear………………….

Today is going to be about a bit of retail and getting Christmasy, it is my sisters birthday, the dogs may get a sit in the park, I at least don’t run or walk fast so they can suffer alone with me. I also have a great book on my Kindle that is junk fiction but will rip through a bit of this.

Wont draw out the note, love the following, we are just about to hit 100,000 blog hits and we have 23,000 petition signers. Momentum on this front would also be awesome. Also have had no approach from Iconic Ozzies who wish to help advocate for the next 12 months, so keep looking.

Pain 0/10 Mental Heath 10/10 Physical Health 5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

2 thoughts on “Day 15/90: Christmas Plea to Prime Minister for a meeting, it would be easier to meet Santa!

  1. Your determination and desire to make a difference for all those who may follow you is truly extraordinary . I have been listening to a song recently by Pink and Dallas Green and the words say” only the dying really know how to live ” ! You have certainly shown in the last 10 months that be true.
    You have made a difference to so many people,but most importantly to those people who you are closest to you. my thoughts are always with you,Elizabeth and Mitchell

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