Day 14/90: Plea to meet PM and will pay my tax early to help your budget!

Dear Mr PM. As a result of ending my career as a successful executive in Feb, not only did I pay an embarrassing amount of tax last year, I have also a PAYE carry forward due to be paid in May. It won’t fix your budget but it will certainly help. I am prepared to pay this early and forgo investment earnings from it the day we meet. Lets get commercial and you help me help you, and the Budget issue all in one go.

Back to all interested parties,

I attach a link to a great Daily Mail online article done today. Well done Daniel responding to my call for some help to further get the message across to the PM. I hope you like the article and photos. Dan did this starting with a call at 8.30am and a few more during the day. What a great online outcome. All media requests to help are welcome.

Went to the oncologist today and we had a good chat. He is away for a few weeks in Dec so we are doing a bit of just in case planning. Have all I need just in case e.g., for emergency lung drain etc, normal type stuff!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

4 thoughts on “Day 14/90: Plea to meet PM and will pay my tax early to help your budget!

  1. What an amazing positive article! The Daily Mail has done a great job promoting the cause, now we just have to get to the job of sharing/tweeting this so at the very least it will show how completely ignorant the Prime Minister’s behavior is coming across to his constituents.
    Then again ,lets face it,his track record thus far, he is only interested in policy the allows him to “puffer fish” on the world stage….so never mind there ARE others reading and listening , they are the ones to concentrate on so the PM has no more excuses other than to acknowledge the freedom of choice.

  2. Great article !!
    Shorty – I am sorry to say your assumption that a politician/PM may want to have ‘commercial’ discussions may be a bit flattering. There is probably a good reason why he chose politics over business….and why you chose business over politics ! 🙂 take care.

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