Day 13/90: Open Plea to PM, Goodbye chemo team and great night at Crown

Dear Mr Prime Minister, As you are fully aware I have a very deep need to speak to you on freeing up your party to discuss Dying with Dignity by enabling them to exercise a free conscience and at some possible stage a free vote in any discussions they may have with constituents, press, their families and loved ones on this topic. The embargo placed on all Liberal members by your line “this government does not support euthanasia is simply no longer acceptable” in terms of leadership response. Surely you can see that? Even more so when many of your cabinet members do wish to discuss the topic. Through your office I have a letter stating it is an important topic that should be discussed at the highest levels. Well doesn’t get higher than you and your actions are hindering freedom of speech on this topic. I have but weeks left to live quite possibly, and certainly Feb should see me out. I promise you it will be a respectful, honest discussion and though I am not a head of state, a corporate giant or a poll and media strategist I am very special and this is my highest end of life priority outside my family. I am sure we would both be richer for the experience of meeting.
Regards, Peter

And back to everyone who is peeking on my mail to the PM………

Today Elizabeth and I went to the hospital who have looked after me for the last 6 years and said our goodbyes to the Day Oncology team as we have stopped palliative chemo. I felt a bit like the space man floating outside the capsule with the earth way down below and I just pulled out a hose. Quite a strange sensation. Hats off to all carers with a special bow to oncology ones, very special.

Last night we had a great evening in Crown. Dinner at Nobu which seriously is worth saving a life time for, you need to! Best Sushi bar outside Japan. We then had a blackjack session or I did, and I risked $500 and left the blackjack table after 40 mins with $470. Some would say I lost $30, I say I won $470. Or a longer bow is I was always expecting to lose $500 and came away with $470 so really I won $970. Like politics, depends on the spin. We then snuggled up in the great Crown beds, watched a movie with the big south bank gas ball exploding on the hour outside the window and then snoozed off. A great Sunday, and some life insurance $ well spent.

Mr Prime Minister, If you have read this far, happy to shout you a dinner at Nobu as a backdrop to our discussion. I can only eat slidy food and it is slidy.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

8 thoughts on “Day 13/90: Open Plea to PM, Goodbye chemo team and great night at Crown

  1. So glad that you had a lovely time away at the Crown. It sounds like you had some very special moments (insert big heart symbol here)

    Sincerely hope you get a reply from the PM’s office.

      • Good luck with the P.M. He seems to break every election promise but we hope he will see sense with your request, if and when he sees you. Good luck, he surely must have learnt something after the election results. We do admire what you are doing.

  2. Really close minded of the current government not to have open communication on this issue, Peter. I think you should take the Lambie approach and get Sunrise or The Project to get you a meeting. Would think his door might open somewhat given the Vic election outcome in the weekend. Glad you are enjoying life and living it up with your family as well as keeping your eye on the ball with this undertaking. You have quite a skill for entertaining writing, you know, you never really needed a comma team except for being busy and all. Best wishes for a magical Christmas! Peta x

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