Month 10, Day 12: Make your vote count in The Age poll – HELP!

Help, as you are aware The Age is running a news poll as part of its campaign. 3 days to go and it has the no vote well ahead. This means there is some concerted efforts by the anti Right To Die with Dignity groups as it just does no represent reality.

Please follow this link now and vote on your view, it is 2 clicks, and tell your friends.

The Age coverage today is tremendous, link below. I met Paul and he is a very articulate man as you can tell from his story. It is a unique way of talking about Dying with Dignity. Please click here to read today’s article Part 3 – Debate on The Age website.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6/10 Life Enjoyment (very low if this poll goes down)

Month 10, Day 11: The Exchange with Margaret Tighe from Right To Life & Me

Fun day. Did a TV piece for airing in Feburary on The Exchange on Foxtel. The topic was the Right To Life and it was 2 presenters and myself and the president of Right To Life which was all about abortion prevention 30 years ago. It was a fun session and I hope I live to see it. Highlights how the old rollouts on these topics are out of date, uninformed and basically pathetic!

Day 2 of the amazing coverage of the Right To Die in The Age. Please click here to read today’s article Part 2 – Choosing an end to life on The Age website.

The Senate Committee recommendations which are so positive and so important are also worth a read. Take a look here.

I do wonder at how I have become so involved in all of this but it is heaps of fun and makes work look boring. Maybe I should have been a politician?

Pain 0/10 Physical Health 6/10 Mental Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

Month 10, Day 10: Dying with Dignity is having its Berlin Wall moment, thanks to the Senate Committee and The Age


Throughout this week, The Right To Die will feature in The Age and I will be posting links to them on the blog if you are unable to obtain a copy of the paper. Please click here to read today’s article Part 1 – Righting a travesty for the terminally ill on The Age website and click here to see my interview with cousin Michael Short.

The Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs has today tabled its final report into an exposure draft of federal dying with dignity legislation and all members have recommended a conscience vote. Please click here to read the report.

Please use this to build momentum in gaining people to sign the petition. Never before has Australia been in a position this advanced and public in finally getting the laws to reflect what the population has demanded for so long. Now is the time to stop saying “yes but this has always been in the occasional news but the political lobbies will prevent it.” This has led to massive apathy and lack of confidence in ourselves.

From today Dying with Dignity should have a new meaning for everyone and that is we demand and will see that the DiNatale  bill is  formed into law by taking individual action.Our law makers and Tony Abbott must respond to our needs. I am still waiting to meet our PM. Don’t let this go!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 10, Day 8: Dying with Dignity AGM & Medal

FullSizeRenderToday was the AGM for Dying with Dignity Victoria. It was very interesting at various levels. Firstly I was given the honour of receiving the annual award for distinguished contribution to DWDV. The Rodney Syme medal. It is very special at a number of levels. To all those there that I met and chatted to thanks for the feedback and encouragement, it really is meaningful.

The AGM also bought out the political issues that can arise in small organisations. It was frustrating to see some peripheral players more about in my mind their own self aggrandisement try to butt in on and use the DWDV organisation for their own ends. Needless to say, made great theatre and they were appropriately dispatched with.

While in the meeting I thought about the amazing people doing their level best, to change the law for everyone. DWD organisations around the country need help. They need members, like any club and they need voluntary assistance across a range of skills and they need money i.e. donations and of course bequests. They also need generational interest and input. This is not an old peoples issue. With that in mind I encourage you to think about at least going on the web and finding the Dying with Dignity organisation in your state and becoming a member. This will help give great insights, keep you in touch and you never know you may just get passionate about it all and find ways not even thought about to help. Seriously, get involved and you will not regret it.

I have been pretty busy with this today, interviewed a Zen Buddhist yesterday for the docko and I am off to adelaide for an overnight and to test my travel skills tomorrow, to meet a very influential member of Christians in support of Euthanasia.

No blog tomorrow but heads up a big week coming, buy a Melbourne Age Monday and for the rest of the week. Also I think the Senate report is released early in the week, very very exciting, fingers crossed for the bill.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10


Month 10, Day 5: A political idea, health and a picnic.

Everyone asks how I am doing. So the basics are that I look normal so can get away with anything. I do have trouble swallowing due to oesophageal tumour pressure but manageable. I am however now needing to work re eating to keep above 70KG which is my ongoing aim. I far prefer drinking! My body is interesting from a muscle point of view. Now having had little exercise for 9 months muscle tone and muscles are pretty stuffed. I look good if you like saggy and skinny. This leads to not as much stamina but again manageable. The real annoying one is I always feel like I am breathing through a wet pillow. Again manageable but very restrictive re activity. I need to go slow and especially if I have ben sitting for a while I have to get going slowly or it gets real hard to breath. Much more prevalent in the evening. I love my new surgically enhanced voice. So thats about it, not a big drama and I am keenly looking forward to packing lots in until I hit my Feb 1 still tic tocing goal.

In my activity to change the law to enable Dying with Dignity, it is very necessary to not disenfranchise any particular political group but I am up for helping anyone who is firmly behind my goal. I am also, through Richard Di Natale and Alannah MacTiernan comfortable in this at the Federal level. As a Victorian however I have to vote in state elections, which the policy story coming out for is light. An example of state based help is the link below. Really have a think about Fiona Patten and her Sex Party team as they do strongly standup for Dying with Dignity, as do my friends the Greens. If you want to learn a bit more hook into this picnic, link below:

Then still with the Victorian theme. On radio a few weeks back the Victorian Opposition Health Minister Gavin Jennings indicated he saw a need for changes to the laws in Victoria around Dying with Dignity as follows

No media followed this up! Lets all contact him, media included and ask why not put referring Dying with Dignity laws to the Victorian Law Reform Commission if elected as part of the next few weeks debate and policy. Napthine has made clear he will not and won’t even meet with me till post the election if I last that long. Gavin is contacted at, and his people told me he reads and responds to email, I sent him one already and am excitedly waiting.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 10, Day 4: Crowdfunding wrap up – $123,803!

Thankyou to everyone who contributed and to those who put up with me pushing this barrow so hard over the last 8 weeks. The results are beyond my wildest expectations and do ensure that the documentary will be high quality and completed. People will be able to follow its progress via the Documentary tab where we will give updates and show use of funds. There are 2 big Global Crowdfunding sites Kickstarter Number 1 and Indigogo as Number 2. In crowdfunding of a film, on Indigogo in Australia this has set an all time raising record. We raised $123,803 against a target of $100,000. The money was raised through 737 contributions ranging from $5 to $15,000 and everything in between, The money came from people in 21 Countries with the bulk Australia of course. So thank you and notes will go out to all contributors and perk choosers. I am glad this is over as one does really push friendships and relationship links hard,I could never be a professional fundraiser the stress would wear me out.

The agenda from here swings strongly back to ongoing work at the political, media and any other level possible to support and grown awareness of the draft bill in the Senate. It is also to have Victorians and Victorian media of all forms to start to ask why are Dying with Dignity laws not part of our current Victorian electoral debate. It is also about seriously getting that petition from its current 22,000 to the 1 million target. I ask you to energise with me around theses plans.

Strangely, I recorded an interview last friday played on 90.3 ABC Sunshine Coast on Monday morning. A bit eerie in ways but you may find the listen interesting.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10 (will be higher if Damien Oliver gets up on mutual record – Go horsie!)

Month 10, Day 3: Brittany Maynard

Hi all. Thanks for the crowdfunding support it was very successful and I will update you tomorrow on details.

I have been tied up all day and evening and just now in a cab on the way home caught up with the world around me and the sad yet inspiring news that Brittany has used her right to choose when and how she would die. I said to my wife I felt I have lost a friend. Her story is well known globally but I ask you to really think about what she did. Again I said to my wife, you really have to want to go and know you are making the right call to actually do it. I ask you and our politicians to think about what that really means, at an individual and personal level and try to relate that to the stats and the debate around should people have the choice, what protections etc need to be put in place, does God agree etc etc etc.

This lady took a huge and sensible personal step which was clearly right for her and those around her. It is also undeniably very sad. She has impacted people in a very positive way globally if just to make them think. Just imagine that. Part of her farewell message was Pay it forward………………really means something in this context I think.

Respects and best wishes to Brittany’s memory and her family

Month 10, Day 1: Weird new day and 5K to go in 48 hours

So here I am in my new life Day 1 going where few have gone before. It is not a boast but makes me pretty proud. The thing I realise today is that even with things staring you in the face you are still able to put off, and expect more time. I have a box, a big red one and my intention is to write notes and letters to family and friends. Nothing earth shattering but just taking advantage of the time and warning I have. So here I am, close your eyes and guess how many letters  are in there?………………………Zip, none ,denada unbelievable hey. There is however a short life story, one for Mitch and one for Eliz without of course the ending. I will have to get on with the letters, this should gilt me forward. I think I want to get close enough to the end so they remain relevant but I must be kidding myself I already am holding a full house Aces and Kings.

Promised not to keep talking crowd funding but I am hoping the Psychologist are right in telethon theory, you will get the target blown away by very special back field runners at the last minute, were at the last minute have a look………:)

there is still one Drive day Ferrari spectacular perk going, shame if it is not picked up have a look at the clip and do it, take your boss and get a promotion!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10