Day 9/90: Terminally ill man and Victorian Politics voting, use your vote well.

The Victorian Election on Saturday is something I feel compelled to advise my view on even though Dying with Dignity is a cross party issue.

I would ask you to consider the following.

1. If Fiona Patten of the Australian Sex Party is in your electorate vote for her. She has a great chance for the upper house and will introduce a mandate for change to Dying with Dignity laws in Victoria if elected in the first 90 days.I have her promise and she keeps them! Her party is multi platform and progressive and as it is likely that Victoria will have a balance of power problem, Fiona would be a great reconciler and one of common sense at that sort of table.

2. Next Vote GREEN’s. They are committed to change and again Dying with Dignity. It is very likely they will win balance of power so lets make it clear to all it was not an accident. Their progressive voice will ensure Labor and Liberal end up doing something rather than bicker.

3. If you really have to go major party, go Labor. They support conscience voting on Euthanasia and they have stated existing laws need review. You don’t get much from them as a terminally ill person but it is a crack in the fabric and just maybe Gavin Jennings (Health) will surprise us all with action beyond that promised. He wants to I think.

4. Don’t Vote Liberal, on this topic they condescend, won’t meet and will not even contemplate change. No point going on their flaws are manifest and clear to the terminally ill and incurably suffering.

These are views I offer if you see the myriad of policies confusing and really see change to the medical treatment act to enable Dying with Dignity in Victoria enacted as important to you and your family. It presupposes you are fed up with the last few state governments unable to do anything of significance due to no real power. It works on the logic that the Greens should and we need them to, win the balance of power in the upper house.

I cross my fingers for Fiona Patten as I can’t vote for her and will cast my green vote in Hawthorn, passionately and proudly believing very strongly in what they may be capable of doing if you let them in. Feel free to go viral with this idea if you like it.

Pain 0/10 Medical Health 10/10 Physical Health 5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

14 thoughts on “Day 9/90: Terminally ill man and Victorian Politics voting, use your vote well.

  1. Thanks so much for laying it out for us – I really appreciate it. Also appreciate what you are doing and blogging. Is very much ‘but for the grace of god go I’ so I am mindful of what I would be looking for in your circumstances.

  2. Peter I am so glad you are mounting this campaign and have supported you (although not financially as much as I would have liked to). Love to you and your family.

  3. We can but hope that after tomorrow there may be some politicians elected in Victoria who have the intestinal fortitude and backbone to move this cause forwards. If not it will certainly not be because you should have done any more Peter. Remember you have done your best and you only have so much time left. You should use that time for your family first and foremost. Your contribution to promoting the cause of dying with dignity will go on. kind regards Doug Gaze

    • Greens in upper house with Fiona Patten from the Sex party and also greens in lower, fantastic, lets help them push for the change i.e. refer the Medical treatment act to the Vic Law Reform Commission. Also the new Health misinser certainly has an ear for change in this arena and the new premier has started change is also needed, though may need encouragement. Lot better than it was last week with won’t talk to you Napthine.

  4. Thank you Peter for putting your energy in this much needed change in the law. I have experienced my partner & my father pass from cancer & a lot of unnecessary grief for everyone could have been avoided if they had both had a choice. I will continue to follow your challenge with interest. My thoughts are with you & your loved ones.

  5. I’ll be out on the Bayswater circuit handing out how to vote cards for the paid up, passionate and proud ;).

    Keep up the good fight on all fronts, Shorty!

  6. Pete, love the total passion and campaign, love your strength,love your commitment, love your family, don’t love your thoughts about who to vote for, but everybody is entitled to have an opinion. Keep on punching mate, I will now try and work our contacts, 6 degrees of separation, eh!
    We very much admire you, Libby and Mitchell for your incredible commitment towards this most important issue.

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