Day 8/90: Interview with Good Weekend and dinner with funders

What a great day. I spent a lot of it today with my family, film crew and Jane from Good Weekend magazine who is preparing an interesting piece on our story. It was all happening. My film crew filming Jane’s photographer filming her interviewing us. She was great to talk with and the photographer took some hopefully great stills for later memories. Jane is approaching the interview as a double header meeting, today with a follow up tomorrow to mop up the pieces. Bodes well for an interesting story and some new angles. Jane also has a connection to a special friend we have met along the way, Marilyn and her father is Bill so there is a bit of him in this one as well. Meant to make sense to a few.

Elizabeth and I also went to dinner with 3 of our crowd funding people who were able to meet the date and had signed up for a dinner. Dinner buzzed with film crew and a great atmosphere and table at in Camberwell. New, written up in paper and if you like Greek food a must go. It is recently opened great wine list & food (some nice and slippery so easy on the swallow) staff/team and prices/value. Also a great farewell liquer with the good greek coffee. Our guests were Tim an ex Coles Executive and long time friend, Chris a teacher, ethics expert, writer and member of the rationalists society and Michael a 24 year old soft ware and apps  designer who has managed a difficult end of life process last October with his mother. We had a fantastic conversation around Dying with Dignity, politics, choice, freedoms of the individual and ideas on next steps to raise awareness.

Two ideas were maybe a Dying with Dignity app/game related to our Australian Federal quest for legislative change, but so good it goes viral and Mavens. How do we find one or 2 Oz celebrities who in the next 12 months will join me to not just be ambassadors, but to positively convey the message of a bill in federal parliament to enact Dying with Dignity laws and recognise the rights of the Terminally ill and incurably suffering so shoddily treated today.They can help highlight the need for all Australians to take a stand with politicians as these people are so good at social influence. Think, music, sport, racing of all sorts, actors and TV celebrities even gutsy big end of town CEO’s. Who knows these people, feel free to put me in touch. Elizabeth did mention she saw Geoffrey Rush at the post office but did not think to say hi!

One really interesting discussion was how politicians colour the topic of Dying with Dignity with their own personal religious view yet who has heard politicians tell us their religious view as part of an election campaign and the impact their views will have on us. They just tell us what they will start, stop and spend. Maybe we should ask more?

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5.5/10 Life Enjoyment 11.5/10

3 thoughts on “Day 8/90: Interview with Good Weekend and dinner with funders

  1. Hi Peter,

    I have been keeping track of your progress and just want to say that I will be standing by to do whatever you decide to do in regard to getting your meeting with Tony Abbott (re: Day 6/90 blog).

    In a speech I gave at DWDnsw’s AGM earlier this year and I said we should be encouraging Tony Abbott to stand by what he said on ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet program last year. In that interview he said:
    “Faith has certainly helped to shape my life but it doesn’t in any way determine my politics.” He went on to say:
    “You have to accept that there are all sorts of private views that can be passionately held but in a pluralist democracy, such as ours, the idea that you can somehow make those private views mandatory is bizarre, just bizarre. This is why I think that it is essential that someone of faith understand that while faith is a splendid thing in private life, it can often be quite a misleading guide in public life.” (Tony Abbott said on the ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet on 4/9/13)

    Maybe you can contact Annabel Crabb? I would be happy to try but I think it is a lot harder for people to say no to you.

    Shayne Higson
    Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW)
    State Convenor and Lead Candidate

  2. Hi Peter

    Thank you for everything that you do for the VE cause {big hug}

    Looking forward to the Fairfax article (in Good Weekend) . Could you ask them to add a comment at the end of the story that you’d love to have high-profile people contact you with their opinions on VE etc. I’d say that I wish the article mentioned it but I doubt it will ……… maybe you can ask them to add the extra bit on the digital article? (know what I mean?)

    It’d be great to have the really popular Facebook & Twitter users, and bloggers, put links to your YouTube videos so that word can get out …….. know what I mean?

  3. One option to consider for a high profile personality to approach is Sam Newman. While he can be a bit infra dig at times, he can also demonstrate incredible empathy and passion for causes he believes in. He certainly has mass appeal and is well connected. I do not have any links to him personally but suspect he would be approachable if asked.

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