Day 7/90: Using time well and Palliative Care chat with a professional

Today is interesting. I have done lots of loose ends. I have made a few catch up dates, booked into a hotel Sunday night for a relax with Elizabeth, locked in a drive up to Echuca for a funeral of a best friends mother on Friday, and am about to do an interview with an very senior Melbourne Palliative Care professional for my documentary. We are also waiting on a lady who is dropping round to pick up our lIzard cage which she bought on EBAY. The poor old lizard, Balboa died a few weeks ago, as did our cat. We are having a run of it.

Tonight as a family we are going round to Uncle Jim’s for drinks and nibbles, not too late as I usually tap out round 9pm. It is a bit more of making use of every minute. All the Shorts will be there so around a dirty dozen or so. Documentary people coming so will be interesting to see who spills what.

I just finished my Palliative Care interview, quite wide ranging and the lady involved is an exceptionally talented person. She said she just wishes I had become an advocate for palliative care vs DWD but as we agreed in reality I am. There is no guessing where this will finish and I see palliative care as fundamental in my current process. The debate is my last week or so, the power of Choice is in the 8 or so months since I have had it. We also had an interesting discussion around drugs, vs dripping out on morphine. She made me aware Australia has a very good drug options regime and there are 6 or 7 very powerful specialised drugs outside of just morphine. They are targeted at different receptors and are chosen for use by the doctors depending on symptoms etc, a cocktail may even be used. I am thinking Long Island Ice Tea. The point I think is yes you still drip out to use my emotive words but it may well not be morphine. Her points were well made and interesting. It is just another of those upsides of my circumstance to be able to have such interesting and thought provoking chats.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5/10 Life Enjoyment 10.5/10


5 thoughts on “Day 7/90: Using time well and Palliative Care chat with a professional

  1. So interesting, Peter. But I wish your PC lady didn’t see it as palliative care versus DWD when in fact – as you recognise – everyone wants the care, and DWD (shorthand for assisted dying) should just be an optional extra.
    Best wishes

  2. Yes, comprehensive palliative care should include the choice of an assisted death as just one of the options available. Prof. Jan Bernheim of Belgium, has pointed out a number of times that this does occur in Belgium. The all party Quebec Parliamentary Inquiry into medically assisted dying reached the same conclusion – that this should be one of the options available as part of good end of life care, and this led to the Parliament passing the Act Respecting End of Life Care Bill 52, by 94 votes to 22. The other key difference between Quebec, Canada, and Australian States is that in Quebec doctor groups had publicly announced qualified support for assisted dying legislation as far back as 2009.

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