Day 6/90: PM Plan, Attorney Generals response 3 months late and catch up

Well last week was very busy. I had a lot of activity around an old commercial law case and it finalised for me in the Federal court on Friday with a 7 hour cross examination. All a bit of fun and quite tiring, though the attorney for the enemy was a bit embarrassed when he said to the judge , he would not continue a line of cross examination with me because he was flogging a dead horse. Very funny at the time given the circumstances, embarrassing for him I am sure. Anyway that is over so this week I go into the world with really no commitments left to anyone other than family, common sense stuff and the Doco which will stop when I do. Lots of interviews etc coming up. It is a very relaxing feeling in a strange way. Having come off Chemo I am also getting a bit more energy so all up looking forward to the coming weeks.Spent today with Mitch doing boy stuff.

I am madder than hell about the PM continuing to stonewall conscience voting. To me it is pretty basic. I have a letter from his Parliamentary Secretary Josh Frydenberg stating, “we need an honest, open, and high level public debate on this issue”. I gather he speaks on behalf of the Govt. We have public opinion polls around the country together with media articles and commentators literally screaming for action, we have a unanimous Senate Committee recommendation into a draft Dying with Dignity Exposure bill recommending the PM support a conscience vote when this private members bill comes to the parliament. YET the PM says nothing effectively blocking open ,honest and high level debate. It is just untenable to believe he can demonstrate such a double standard.

Today I got a letter from Anthony Coles, Assistant Secretary to the Federal Attorney General, apologising for the delay in responding to my enquiry to them some 3 MONTHS ago! It is just unbelievable and unacceptable. Key message is “The Australian Government does not support legalising voluntary euthanasia at a federal level” How do I reconcile such conflicting messages, across such spans of time, by what is supposed to be one team Team Australia. If they were rowers everyones teeth would get knocked out.

I again rang the PM office last Thursday, was told to put it in writing and could expect a response to a request for a meeting in 2 to 3 months. Clearly I will be dead! Not dramatic just fact they may win over my dead body so to speak. I retraced my steps to Josh Frydenberg’s office to plead access and his office has helpfully approached the PM’s office on my behalf.

I really do have to solve this. I will let the week work through then if no response post the noise of this weeks Vic election I will have to launch a new, different and unique approach. I ask all media, contacts and friends to be ready to help as of Monday morning if I am left in this sickening void. Please contact me with thoughts this week in anticipation of help will be needed.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5/10 Life Enjoyment 10.5/10

11 thoughts on “Day 6/90: PM Plan, Attorney Generals response 3 months late and catch up

  1. Hi Peter – I’m wondering if asking all petitioners to write again to their local members and state senators asking for them to raise the issue and lobby the PM for a conscience vote might work. I received a written reply from my local MP (National) saying he would vote in favour of legislation “if given a conscience vote”.
    Annie, Port Macquarie

  2. Hi Peter,

    Although of course I hope otherwise, I’m afraid I fear you will still be getting the run-around by next week…

    I’m ready and willing to help… perhaps we need to get a bunch of us to Canberra to doorstop Abbot – preferably with some cameras around?

    Extremely disappointing, the response from Anthony Coles… I reckon we should also lobby Ian Macdonald directly (, who we know is in favour, and should be advocating a conscience vote inside the Coalition party room.

    Rohan, Melbourne

      • Hi again,

        Not especially, Peter – i.e. I don’t have any relevant experience in this sort of thing or useful contacts, I’m sorry;

        I just feel strongly enough about this issue – and fearful of it slipping back off the radar after such good progress – that I would do anything I practically could… such as turning out to demonstrate somewhere strategic, should you (or DWDV) consider such a move.

  3. Peter,
    I admire your attitude and the way you are looking at life. Keep up the life enjoyment index and am proud of what you are doing.

  4. Hi Pete, I haven’t left a lot of feedback but rest assured you’re in my thoughts daily. I am staggered at your energy and passion which is to be admired by all. I heard this one day “everybody dies, not everybody lives” well my friend, in these last few months you have certainly lived. Look forward to the coming months.

  5. The PM is a religious hypocrite. He brings his religious mythology to squash other people’s right to decide the end of THEIR OWN life but happily ignores Christ’s teachings about love your neighbour, do unto others…. and the story of the Good Samaritan when it comes to refugees etc.

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