Day 1/90: Scan results are in!

A video tells all the story: please watch listen and stay engaged with me as i move forward. There is much still for us all to do and comprehend.

This is the scan, you need to be a doctor to get much out of it, but all the white bits in the lungs are cancer, yuck!


This is the great thing about my blog, you all can bet up-to-dateย and I feel this is important for my friends to all know.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5.0/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

34 thoughts on “Day 1/90: Scan results are in!

  1. Hi Peter ,shedding a tear or two knowing what your going through , the roller coaster life for both of us continues ,its just your in the carriage ahead of me !!! Thumbs up ! stay brave and positive I’m with you along with many thousands.

  2. Hi Pete,
    Agree – Yuck. You’re approach and desire to keep everyone engaged and supportive for yours and our sakes is truly amazing. I love you for it. Stay positive and know you have us with you.

  3. Good on you Peter! Numbers are just that, they don’t take into account things like bravery, determination, application to a cause… and a heap of just plain guts! All of which you have by the truckload. Raising the G&T to you! Julie

  4. Peter you are such an amazing person you have so much strength and you make everyone feel good I’m a better person for just meeting you through coles express and want to see your blog on day 91 as I know I will thoughts and wishes from me to you stay strong Sally

  5. I am so sorry Peter, I just feel like crying for you but that is not going to help you. You are just so amazing and courageous. I feel very privileged to have “met” you.

  6. Peter your strength is just amazing. We are wishing that all your dreams do come true and that you will be honoured forever with the passing of DWD – Shorty’s Law’ xo

  7. I keep saying – you truly are inspirational Peter. I know how hard it must be for you to keep the strength of purpose you have. Know there’s a lot of people out here sending positive energy your way, and to your family. Annie ๐Ÿ™‚

    • And you know what I can feel and feed on it.
      Weird hey. My Aunt Jan was saying they are still burning candles every week in her Church for me, and even though I am not religious it is the thought and positive energy that comes for these things that is astounding. The whole cancer journey really has been me meeting tons of inspirational people, reality is they are everywhere we just don’t walk eyes open most of the time.

  8. All the best to you Peter, you are up against it big time but what a legacy you are leaving.
    We know the public want the choice, we just need the politicians to get their act together.
    regards Doug

  9. if i wore a hat i would take it off to have and are accomplishing great things and you are a superstar …thank you for your courage, your persistence and what you are doing to make things easier for those of us that will follow you….good on you peter…even if you have no belief structure it doesn’t matter god bless you and your family anyway… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Great update. Really looking forward to seeing the post on day 91. No doubt you’ll be achieving a huge amount between now and then. Bloody inspiring

  11. Shorty, inspirational to see your passion and how much you achieve every day. Hoping you get your chance shirt front Tony Abbot ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Peter – watching and listening with interest and sending you good vibes always. Your drive to achieve something for others when you have so little time is so impressive. Looking forward to day 91 too. Sean

  13. The way you share your story is amazing. Your journey is helping so many…best to all of you. Keep on going Shorty, we are all with you and your family. Warmest regards, penny

  14. Peter, you are an inspiration !! Still thinking of others at this time in your journey and still so committed to the cause. We salute you. You have achieved so much already. Keep strong !!
    See you on day 91. thank you so much.
    Sandra Higgins

  15. What you said in your video really struck me and it makes perfect sense. You would be terrified of the outcome if you had no choice because the reality is terrifying, for you and all of those in your life. But having a choice you know you can avoid this unnecessary, unwanted death. My mother was in a similar situation to you, diagnosed in 2009 with terminal cancer and not much that doctors could do. We watched her battle in immense pain and numerous operations until she died in palliative care a year to the day after she was diagnosed. Facing your own mortality is always an intense subject, but we need to start conversation – it will happen to all of us one day and we should have the right to choose when it ends. A good life deserves a good death. All the best to you Peter

  16. Shorty, you are ever inspiring, most people when faced with your life choices choose negativity (understandable) but you are just so positive! Through it all you put you positive energy into life & your circumstances. Truly inspiring. You have always inspired me to achieve at CEXP now you are inspiring people in facing life. Bring on day 91!!!! Feel blessed to know you xxx Belinda (Pt Lincoln)

  17. Peter, so sorry to hear this update. You have come this far and I have no doubt you will do everything you can to get to day 91. Your strength continues to be an inspiration to the many people who have met you in your life.

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