Month 10, Day 17: Doctors, Chemo, Scans & Dexamethazone

Great, into hospital for chemo at 9 and out at 10.30. All went well as always. Home for a while drank 1.5 ltr of water and back for CT scan at 1.15. All went well again and results tomorrow. The nurse says I am quite unusual in liking the warm numb and wet pants feeling the  CT contrast injection gives you. Surely not I just love it? Well then Dexamethazone, this stuff goes in with the chemo and then I take pills for a few days after. Amazing stuff. It just revs you up and off you go. I am going to have to ask why not have a bit of this every day, maybe a terminal privilege. I spoke to Ray a guy in similar circumstances to me the other day. He said he finds himself gardening at 3am in the morning. I tend to offset it with a sleeping pill, but gardening is an option I will consider.

Nothing of significance on the DWD pollie front today but things will bubble up again I am sure.

Have now got a cache of sustagen, a vitamin mix and a flushing laxative. The first to keep up the food levels around reduced eating volume, the second can’t hurt and the laxative is needed after chemo. Also I am starting to take a bit more morphine to stop coughing, and morphine creates constipation, something one needs to balance. Cant just sit on the log so to speak. I have been using Coloxyl which is fine but Movicol, get it “move your colon” is a bit more radical. So I have choice, a good thing.

If anyone can help build the petition numbers it would be appreciated, I let up a bit in the crowd funding era.

Pain/0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5.9/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

3 thoughts on “Month 10, Day 17: Doctors, Chemo, Scans & Dexamethazone

  1. Just for anyone interested: 1 pound of strawberries a day can cure stage 2 Esophageal Cancer no Chemo needed.
    Immune Therapy would have been a much smarter option. Issels Integrative Onocology – individualised Immunotherapy USA – Canada. Breast cancer stat’s at stage 4 using Chemo is 16% success rate, so 84% are still dying from the treatments of Chemo after 50 years on the war on cancer. They have been barking up the wrong tree! Chemo is not the answer and Immunotherapy that is coming on in clinical trails around the world except for Australia is having great results.

  2. Hello Peter, just to clarify about the dexamethasone dose I received with my 1st cycle of chemotherapy. Having never had this drug before I was given 8 mg as per eVIQ procedure. And yes at 0330 hours the next morning I commenced my morning chores which isn’t to difficult to do in Darwin. The pot plants watered, pool scooped, Palm fronds picked up, and Mojo the chocolate lab washed and dried. When Robyn woke we were ready for the Parap market for Mary’s laksa. Since that 1st cycle we have found that a half dose ( 4mg) is sufficient to control the nausea associated with chemotherapy for me anyway.Cheers, Ray
    P. S. Robyn thinks that the larger dose was fine as she wasn’t aware that a side effect of Dex was a compulsion to housework

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