Month 10, Day 16: Colonisation on other worlds

A few days off. Had a funny day yesterday, batteries were on empty. A luxury to spend most of day in bed but also scary as it feels a bit like giving in. Anyway got up today keen to stay active and hence the heading I went and saw Interstellar. Amazing, best treatment of what the future may look like with a few leaps but the underlying logic was sensible even if the Physics are a way off.

Please click here to read Friday’s article Part 5 – Into the darkness on The Age website. This wraps up The Age’s feature on The Right to Die – also marks the end of the poll. Great outcome 65% in favour.

In The Age today there was an interesting article, the opposition leader has stated he will do something about amending the Medical Treatment Act if elected. This by no means gets to the Dying with Dignity goal but is a crack at the state level worth opening.

I had a great meeting with Senator Richard Di Natale on Friday. An update on where we all are and he is quite pleased at the Senate review committee outcomes. There is a long way to go but I can feel success in my marrow, I just need every one who believes to be noisy.

Big week next week with Chemo and a CT scan Monday and then meeting a media mega star on Tuesday who may be able to help the cause. Wed/Thursday a bit of in town with people stuff and Friday a witness at a court case for 4 or so hours. Dont ask!  Once I am through that the only commitment I have really is to the the Family, the cause and the doco!

Does anyone one have ?

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 5.9/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

5 thoughts on “Month 10, Day 16: Colonisation on other worlds

  1. Everyone needs a day in bed sometimes! Desperate to know who the megastar is. Tell me Pete, I won’t tell anyone!!! Haha! Good luck with your treatment and scan xx

  2. Hi Peter,
    A day for you in bed in no luxury. You have astounded me with your schedule and energy. I don’t have your commitments i.e. grand kids Thursday and Saturday, so am free to stay in bed with a good book when I can. I am chronically anaemic due to the cancer disease process and so probably are you,so when you don’t feel up to it, take the day off, it is your right to do so. Best wishes, Ray

  3. Yes – a day in bed no cause for guilt… just to be enjoyed. Hope the scan is going well. Lots of stirred up people after the Age’s article from the very affronted and pious man from St. Vincent’s today. What doesn’t he understand about the words “voluntary” and “choice”?? Big sigh. Why do such committed people feel so very threatened by others who do not share their views, and who have the effrontery to want to make their own choices in life – AND in death?? So narrow in view…. Is it G&T time yet?? Julie

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