Month 10, Day 13: Vic Opposition Health Minister drops in and much more

Gavin Jennings the Victorian Opposition Health minister came to visit Elizabeth and myself today after I sent him a note 2 weeks ago regarding Dying with Dignity and possible ways forward. He came because he was aware of the snub Denis Napthine gave me on radio re he would meet me after the election. Gavin honestly felt compelled to respond and show he respected what I was about and wanted me to know that. He came alone there was no political spruking/cameras agenda. Just a genuine guy. We had a great chat for an hour or so, he told me it was OK for me to be evangelical on the issue and he shared his strong feelings around our mutual agenda. He did of course point out he was a part of a big party structure which at present does not have Dying with Dignity as a part of its agenda. We both agreed it should and the sooner the better.I suggested he and the team pick up a Wesfarmers/Coles trait and be BOLD. I conclude Gavin Jennings is a very impressive individual and if you are reading this Gavin give yourself a big tick for humility and humanity. Your visit left Elizabeth and myself glowing to know people like you are in politics, another Richard Di Natale and Fiona Patten.

Mitchell today finished his last exam to complete his degree. There is a lot riding on it as he has lined up a graduate program role with Australia’s best large FMCG retailer to start in February. A fail would be no job. He is very confident of a good outcome, phew!

The Age continues its fantastic coverage of the different angles and stories around Dying With Dignity, again todays was powerful. Please click here to read today’s article Part 4 – A question of trust on The Age website.

Also please ensure you cast your vote on The Age poll by following this link regarding the right for terminally ill to die with dignity, its a few seconds and clicks and very important the poll gets to reflect the facts that 80% of Australians support this – please share with friends and family.

Finally I went to the oncologist yesterday and saw my palliative care team today. All good and I am going to do a CT scan Monday after chemo to check out where the lumps and bumps are growing. Will be interesting as I have reached the need to eat only really small slippery stuff. my Oncologist said we are really in uncharted territory as very few people with my cancer get to 5 years and have it return, usually it is in the first 2 years. So on boldly we go where few have gone before…………

Finally, Jeremy my film producer had a chat with Dick Smith today and he has become a financial supporter for the documentary, and he has offered to take me helicopter flying round Sydney, pretty exciting from such a famous Aussie.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

5 thoughts on “Month 10, Day 13: Vic Opposition Health Minister drops in and much more

  1. I support euthanasia, the right for all terminally ill people to die, when, how and where they chose to die. I hope the bill passes.

    Judith Ann Rawlins

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