Month 10, Day 12: Make your vote count in The Age poll – HELP!

Help, as you are aware The Age is running a news poll as part of its campaign. 3 days to go and it has the no vote well ahead. This means there is some concerted efforts by the anti Right To Die with Dignity groups as it just does no represent reality.

Please follow this link now and vote on your view, it is 2 clicks, and tell your friends.

The Age coverage today is tremendous, link below. I met Paul and he is a very articulate man as you can tell from his story. It is a unique way of talking about Dying with Dignity. Please click here to read today’s article Part 3 – Debate on The Age website.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6/10 Life Enjoyment (very low if this poll goes down)

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