Month 10, Day 8: Dying with Dignity AGM & Medal

FullSizeRenderToday was the AGM for Dying with Dignity Victoria. It was very interesting at various levels. Firstly I was given the honour of receiving the annual award for distinguished contribution to DWDV. The Rodney Syme medal. It is very special at a number of levels. To all those there that I met and chatted to thanks for the feedback and encouragement, it really is meaningful.

The AGM also bought out the political issues that can arise in small organisations. It was frustrating to see some peripheral players more about in my mind their own self aggrandisement try to butt in on and use the DWDV organisation for their own ends. Needless to say, made great theatre and they were appropriately dispatched with.

While in the meeting I thought about the amazing people doing their level best, to change the law for everyone. DWD organisations around the country need help. They need members, like any club and they need voluntary assistance across a range of skills and they need money i.e. donations and of course bequests. They also need generational interest and input. This is not an old peoples issue. With that in mind I encourage you to think about at least going on the web and finding the Dying with Dignity organisation in your state and becoming a member. This will help give great insights, keep you in touch and you never know you may just get passionate about it all and find ways not even thought about to help. Seriously, get involved and you will not regret it.

I have been pretty busy with this today, interviewed a Zen Buddhist yesterday for the docko and I am off to adelaide for an overnight and to test my travel skills tomorrow, to meet a very influential member of Christians in support of Euthanasia.

No blog tomorrow but heads up a big week coming, buy a Melbourne Age Monday and for the rest of the week. Also I think the Senate report is released early in the week, very very exciting, fingers crossed for the bill.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10


13 thoughts on “Month 10, Day 8: Dying with Dignity AGM & Medal

  1. Way to go Peter. A well deserved medal. Your strategy and tactics are what’s enabling you to elevate the DWD fight – not just your obvious passion and resilience.
    I’m going to look at their website now !! Add that medal to your PMTDR one from this year πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats Peter and v well deserved. When will your doco be finished? Port Macquarie DWD is organising a Q&A forum on 14 March 2015, 2 weeks out from State election, 850 seat auditorium. Tony Delroy (ABC Radio) is Moderator plus high profile panel. Rod Syme will be running workshops coinciding. Would love to screen your doco if finished by then. You can contact me at or 0432 048 414.
    Annie πŸ™‚

    • Hi the Doco is a plan B and won’t be finished till some time after I die. As it is a 90 min high quality piece of work it will take some time to do the production etc. Long answer but it won’t be in time for you.
      Happy to do a message video for you however as I have for DWDNSW

      • A message video would be fantastic, thanks so much Peter. Sen Richard di Natale has just confirmed his participation on our Q&A panel!

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