Month 10, Day 5: A political idea, health and a picnic.

Everyone asks how I am doing. So the basics are that I look normal so can get away with anything. I do have trouble swallowing due to oesophageal tumour pressure but manageable. I am however now needing to work re eating to keep above 70KG which is my ongoing aim. I far prefer drinking! My body is interesting from a muscle point of view. Now having had little exercise for 9 months muscle tone and muscles are pretty stuffed. I look good if you like saggy and skinny. This leads to not as much stamina but again manageable. The real annoying one is I always feel like I am breathing through a wet pillow. Again manageable but very restrictive re activity. I need to go slow and especially if I have ben sitting for a while I have to get going slowly or it gets real hard to breath. Much more prevalent in the evening. I love my new surgically enhanced voice. So thats about it, not a big drama and I am keenly looking forward to packing lots in until I hit my Feb 1 still tic tocing goal.

In my activity to change the law to enable Dying with Dignity, it is very necessary to not disenfranchise any particular political group but I am up for helping anyone who is firmly behind my goal. I am also, through Richard Di Natale and Alannah MacTiernan comfortable in this at the Federal level. As a Victorian however I have to vote in state elections, which the policy story coming out for is light. An example of state based help is the link below. Really have a think about Fiona Patten and her Sex Party team as they do strongly standup for Dying with Dignity, as do my friends the Greens. If you want to learn a bit more hook into this picnic, link below:

Then still with the Victorian theme. On radio a few weeks back the Victorian Opposition Health Minister Gavin Jennings indicated he saw a need for changes to the laws in Victoria around Dying with Dignity as follows

No media followed this up! Lets all contact him, media included and ask why not put referring Dying with Dignity laws to the Victorian Law Reform Commission if elected as part of the next few weeks debate and policy. Napthine has made clear he will not and won’t even meet with me till post the election if I last that long. Gavin is contacted at, and his people told me he reads and responds to email, I sent him one already and am excitedly waiting.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

8 thoughts on “Month 10, Day 5: A political idea, health and a picnic.

  1. I emailed several Federal parliamentarians, and received just ONE reply. And that reply – you guessed it – stated that this is a State matter, not Federal. How much B.S is that???

  2. Hats off to you Peter !!! Thanks for the personal update , have been wondering about your state of health , wish there was a way your followers could meet you , may be as a fund raiser ???? any way , as they say in the classics ”keep on punching” !!! thanks mate.

  3. Hi Peter – great result on indigogo – roll on the documentary. I’ve just sent off the following:

    Dear Mr Jennings and Mr Andrews
    I’m writing to you at the suggestion of Peter Short whose quest for Dying With Dignity law reform I’m sure you know about.
    Peter wants us to encourage you both to introduce this issue as a plank in your party’s election campaigning – i.e. a promise that, if elected, Labor will refer the issue to the Victorian Law Reform Commission to explore and make recommendations. I wonder if you are aware that a 2012 Newspoll survey showed that voters rated voluntary euthanasia as third most important in a list of ‘burning issues’ – see below.
    The same poll showed that there are votes to be gained by a party supporting assisted dying – and many more to be lost by a party opposing it.
    (Source can be viewed at )
    I would be very grateful to hear where you stand on this and whether a Labor government will take action to progress end-of-life law reform in response to the wishes of the vast majority of Victorians and particularly the elderly, of which I am one. It may swing my intention away from voting Greens.

    • Hi Anne

      Hope you don’t mind if I ‘borrow’ some of this to send a similar letter – have been struggling to know the right words but I promise I’ll paraphrase. Having followed Peter’s story and watched my mother-in-law lose her cancer battle last month, I am more resolved than ever to see change for the better.

      T, Melbourne

  4. Watching you through this whole process is 1 of the big pushes that made me take on a life change and move from sunny Queensland to Melbourne. Very lucky to still be with the company but watching your focus on such a great achievable target is what made me see life in a different light. I’m 100% behind you in this. Love reading the daily emails it keeps my young head grounded and always remembering the important things in life. Absolute legend.

  5. Hi Peter. Keep up the good fight. I look forward to your posts – your spirit of endeavour is so uplifting.
    Warm regards,

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