Month 10, Day 4: Crowdfunding wrap up – $123,803!

Thankyou to everyone who contributed and to those who put up with me pushing this barrow so hard over the last 8 weeks. The results are beyond my wildest expectations and do ensure that the documentary will be high quality and completed. People will be able to follow its progress via the Documentary tab where we will give updates and show use of funds. There are 2 big Global Crowdfunding sites Kickstarter Number 1 and Indigogo as Number 2. In crowdfunding of a film, on Indigogo in Australia this has set an all time raising record. We raised $123,803 against a target of $100,000. The money was raised through 737 contributions ranging from $5 to $15,000 and everything in between, The money came from people in 21 Countries with the bulk Australia of course. So thank you and notes will go out to all contributors and perk choosers. I am glad this is over as one does really push friendships and relationship links hard,I could never be a professional fundraiser the stress would wear me out.

The agenda from here swings strongly back to ongoing work at the political, media and any other level possible to support and grown awareness of the draft bill in the Senate. It is also to have Victorians and Victorian media of all forms to start to ask why are Dying with Dignity laws not part of our current Victorian electoral debate. It is also about seriously getting that petition from its current 22,000 to the 1 million target. I ask you to energise with me around theses plans.

Strangely, I recorded an interview last friday played on 90.3 ABC Sunshine Coast on Monday morning. A bit eerie in ways but you may find the listen interesting.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10 (will be higher if Damien Oliver gets up on mutual record – Go horsie!)

8 thoughts on “Month 10, Day 4: Crowdfunding wrap up – $123,803!

  1. Hi Peter. I have followed your story and supported your campaign thinking knowing you from Coles Express days was making things meaningful….but recently it became much more real. My dad has been diagnosed with incurable oesophagal cancer and now the debate really is my fight.

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