Month 10, Day 3: Brittany Maynard

Hi all. Thanks for the crowdfunding support it was very successful and I will update you tomorrow on details.

I have been tied up all day and evening and just now in a cab on the way home caught up with the world around me and the sad yet inspiring news that Brittany has used her right to choose when and how she would die. I said to my wife I felt I have lost a friend. Her story is well known globally but I ask you to really think about what she did. Again I said to my wife, you really have to want to go and know you are making the right call to actually do it. I ask you and our politicians to think about what that really means, at an individual and personal level and try to relate that to the stats and the debate around should people have the choice, what protections etc need to be put in place, does God agree etc etc etc.

This lady took a huge and sensible personal step which was clearly right for her and those around her. It is also undeniably very sad. She has impacted people in a very positive way globally if just to make them think. Just imagine that. Part of her farewell message was Pay it forward………………really means something in this context I think.

Respects and best wishes to Brittany’s memory and her family

2 thoughts on “Month 10, Day 3: Brittany Maynard

  1. Hi Peter
    SO glad you reached your crowd funding goal. Can’t understand why the petition hasn’t reached 1 million yet…when stats say over 18 million Australians back this change to legislation. You have probably already read the Sydney Morning Herald report on Brittany, but here’s a link on the off chance you haven’t.
    Notice the last sentence in the second last paragraph with particular attention to the words ‘religious influence’.
    I have had conversations about this with learned folk that feature the words ‘Catholic church’. Just saying…
    Another thought, the SMH usually features comprehensive news stories, yet no reference to your campaign was made. It might be worth investigating, as it just MAY reveal a blockage to your story that has kept petition responses below the million.
    I’m hoping you stay as positive as can be and I’m looking forward to updates on the documentary.
    Today, like most days, I will try to pay something forward…
    Power to ya

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