Month 10, Day 1: Weird new day and 5K to go in 48 hours

So here I am in my new life Day 1 going where few have gone before. It is not a boast but makes me pretty proud. The thing I realise today is that even with things staring you in the face you are still able to put off, and expect more time. I have a box, a big red one and my intention is to write notes and letters to family and friends. Nothing earth shattering but just taking advantage of the time and warning I have. So here I am, close your eyes and guess how many letters  are in there?………………………Zip, none ,denada unbelievable hey. There is however a short life story, one for Mitch and one for Eliz without of course the ending. I will have to get on with the letters, this should gilt me forward. I think I want to get close enough to the end so they remain relevant but I must be kidding myself I already am holding a full house Aces and Kings.

Promised not to keep talking crowd funding but I am hoping the Psychologist are right in telethon theory, you will get the target blown away by very special back field runners at the last minute, were at the last minute have a look………:)

there is still one Drive day Ferrari spectacular perk going, shame if it is not picked up have a look at the clip and do it, take your boss and get a promotion!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

2 thoughts on “Month 10, Day 1: Weird new day and 5K to go in 48 hours

  1. $121,500 !!!! $121K???? You’ve done it…. you’ve got WELL OVER the $100K! Break out the champagne Peter…. who says Australians are apathetic and just moan and whinge and don’t do a thing about the causes they support? They have backed you well and truly now. Relax and enjoy the support – and your extra time. (Told you there was too much life in you to go early). Take a bow Peter Short 😉 😉 😉 Julie

  2. Great result Pete. Fantastic result. People do care. Pity politicians don’t (or their parties to be more precise – they just do what they are told by “the party”).

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