Month 9, Day 31: EPIC – What to do having outlived a Terminal Diagnosis?

Wow, it is simply not possible to describe what getting to  this date means. Certainly it makes me rarer than I was before, so collectable possibly. I now feel like Captain Kirk, Boldly going where few have gone before, and it is about search out new things and possibilities. I always wished I could go into space so this I think is a bit what it feels like. Imagine from tomorrow morning statistically I just should simply not exist, yet I do. The possibilities really are epic and you are all welcome to continue with my family on the voyage. You may read this and think I have flipped, be assured I have not. I am however going to start a new life tomorrow………really, and how many people ever do that.

In the more mundane I attach an interview I did a few days ago with Newcastle drive time radio. They were great a few different ?

Not talking about the crowd funding as promised but just in case you want a look and help breach the magic 100K by Sunday

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 11/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 12/10

6 thoughts on “Month 9, Day 31: EPIC – What to do having outlived a Terminal Diagnosis?

  1. Hi Peter,
    What a wonderful day for you and your family. You are probably aware that Brittany Maynard in America has also decided that today is not the day to go because she still has some quality in her life. This is the power of having choice and control. I will look forward to reading many more posts from you.
    Best wishes
    Shayne Higson
    Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW)
    State Convenor and Lead Candidate

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