Month 9, Day 28: Blog Guest Dr Rodney Syme

Dr Rodney was the man who inspired me to see if I could positively impact the level of debate, and the laws around the rights for terminally ill and incurably suffering people to have the right to choose to avail themselves, under proper guidelines, medical assistance with their death. I never would have dreamt it would have put me into touch with such a wide range of views, passions, sufferings and what I can only explain as political stubbornness and an inability for some to be bold, lead and take our individual freedoms and rights forward. I am in amazement at the gift it has given me knowing Dr Rodney will make the knowledge and means available to me, if I choose when the time comes. Having knowledge of that control does nothing but free up my mind to concentrate on the great, the positive and the exciting which is what it is all about before it ends. I have no idea whether I will choose to end my own life or let natural events do it, but the point is I will make that choice, no-one else.

Enjoy your moment with Dr Rodney

CROWD FUNDING It is getting to the razor edge. 6 days left, 582 people have helped funding, 82K raised which leaves a need for a surge now to get us to 100K and lock down the funding for this important documentary once and for all. If you are ever going to help you would save my fingernails if you follow the link below to help

I went to a funeral today, medium age guy, great life and died well. His family were sad but rightfully proud.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 9/10 (Funerals are sad)

3 thoughts on “Month 9, Day 28: Blog Guest Dr Rodney Syme

  1. Great to see you still enjoying life to the fullest. My team and I at CEXP Woolgoolga often think how you are doing and seeing a short update at our latest site huddle was great to hear. See you at site one day. Cheers Heidi Moss Site Manager.

  2. Good to see Rodney Syme on the blog, interesting to hear his views. The doco $ total is fantastic! You are going to do it!! Well done you. Cheers… Julie 😉

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