Month 9, Day 27: Blog Guest Perth MP Alannah MacTiernan

Alannnah is co-sponsoring Richard Di Natales Bill. The following is a great example of a committed politician and her comment around “in a democracy you have to stand up” as well as having courage, I think is worth everyone thinking about, have a listen.

This is the unabated crowd funding week as well. Now at 80K with 20K to go to hit the target. This is really doable I just need a big push from you if you are not in already, help appreciated. DWDV members made a huge contribution today but I need the crowd part of crowd funding to be viral this week. To make it easy link below:

I think I was a bit in the dumps from a big week and chemo last week on the weekend. I woke up today however full of beans. Does make one think how easy it would be to get in the wrong mindset. Lucky for me I have Eliz and Mitch pushing me along. Exciting news today was we got a new fridge after our 20 year old beauty gave up. Any bets on will a new one last 20 years?

PS Thanks for dropping in today Robyn and Gai, and hello Mrs Cunningham

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physicial Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10


3 thoughts on “Month 9, Day 27: Blog Guest Perth MP Alannah MacTiernan

  1. Your doing an amazing job peter and I look forward to coming home every day after work to read your next post you will do it your such an inspiration take care Sally { coles express }

    • Thanks Sally, truth be known I enjoy it as well. It seems to serve many goals but I am aware I need to get off crowd funding soon and back to the key stories. I think regularity is important otherwise people tune out.

  2. Great to share a coffee with you and Elizabeth today . Your journey and that of your family never ceases to amaze me .Your tireless efforts now will path the way for many who will follow in your footsteps

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