Month 9, Day 25: Crowdfund bring it home week 30K needed for target, help!

Big day friday, with a joint sitting of my politician friends, Senator Di Natale, Alannah MacTiernan MP Perth and a significant team from Dying with dignity. All about what next. Big next step is to see the senate report in the next few weeks. There is a plan however one part  for me is the documentary. We are at 70K with a 100K target, and I am hoping like a telethon it comes home in this last week as 10 days to go. 30K in 10 days is a big ask but I believe there is room for a surge. Link below is one I sent out to my 22,000 petition signers, message from my wife, shameless am I not. Have a look and please bring me home in a rush. Approaching 500 funding supporters, need 250 more now.

Easy donate link is here:

I have also had some very positive support from Christians for Voluntary Euthanasia , both a donation and a page on the web site. It just shows this does not have to be about religion, have a look below,

I have had some great headway with some guests for the blog, so in the next 3 blogs you are going to hear from Senator Di Natale, MP for Perth Alannah MacTiernan and then Dr Rod Syme. Have a look over the next 3 days.

Tonight out for early BBQ dinner at friends on a balmy Melbourne Evening, lovely, get ready Jo et al. Has to be early as this been Chemo week it is a bit tiring.Voice is stable but seem to be coughing more than I would like. Small issues……….

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

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