Month 9, Day 21: I love my boy/man Mitch

Wow what a day. Below is our interview with Neil Mitchell raising a few different points on the Dying with Dignity debate. He is a very kind interviewer and asked us back in February to celebrate Mitch starting work and me being there.

I have also included the ABC News report from last week about the Dying with Dignity Senate Hearing. I reckon it is a goodie, hope you do.

We also did some work with Fiona Patten to assist her with the upcoming State Election and us in the crowdfunding. Although they are small the Australian Sex Party and Fiona would add diversity of worth I think to Victoria Parliament, just as the Greens so capably do.

Funny thing politics, they closed parliament today to honour Gough. I wonder if they will close Coles Express for the day when I die…….. 🙂

I feel things are starting to gather momentum in the crowdfunding, a bit like a telethon, but long way to go, need pedal to the metal, so feel free to  help every $5 counts, and 2 weeks left. Tab at top takes you there, just under 500 funders so far.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10 , even with my lawyer friends for half the day:)


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