Month 9, Day 20: Chemo Day & Photo

This morning just prior to loading up on Chemo (in for a slow week) I had the fun of meeting and having a long chat with the Head of Palliative Medicine at the Hospital I call home. We had a really interesting chat around all aspects of it as she wanted better to understand my needs and ensure her team understood me. Very useful and a world class experienced professional.

I have a few new ideas I am going to try, I will let you in on. Feedback welcome.

1. Occasionally I intend to have on a guest blogger, say maybe a Rod Syme, Richard DiNatale, my wife or son etc. Idea is they can express some views pertinent to the current DWD process and you may get some interesting new slants on my journey

2. I think I will get involved in the Victorian Elections. The key state parties refuse to meet me which is abhorrent, not publicly discuss the topic with is equally abhorrent. At a Federal level some believe against the polling, that they can also ignore or vote down change that is this needed and wanted with no consequences.Therefore I am looking  to use the Victorian fishbowl, to ask voters who are swingers, but who believe the law needs to change to include Dying with Dignity, to vote for the parties and maybe some particular people who have it as a fundamental part of their policy and have supported me so far. Clearly this is Greens and The Australian Sex Party. This will hopefully achieve the consequences of changing a few faces in parliament  and bringing some new ones to the political process.  It may also show the Federal counterparts how important it is to embrace the Exposure draft in theFederal Senate and it may even get the PM to embrace the need to go on record as welcoming a conscience vote in Federal parliament as my petition over the last 5 months has pleaded. Mr Abbott you have more time than me, lets meet soon!

PS I am on 3AW with Neil Mitchell in Melbourne tomorrow at 9:30am, listen in.

Crowdfunding still on, don’t miss the chance every $5 welcome and necessary. 2 weeks left running out of time.

My morning photo I like walking chemo.


Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10


7 thoughts on “Month 9, Day 20: Chemo Day & Photo

  1. Hi there Peter ,sitting by private pool high in the mountains of Bali with a tears reminding me of my struggle ! Oh so similar to your fight ! Living a roll a coaster life ,almost 3 years .donation coming when back in melb !so proud of you!

  2. Well done to you and Mitchell for this morning’s interview on 3AW, good effort – just after chemo too. *****5 stars.
    Think the idea of some guest bloggers sounds a good one, spread the load – and also get some different perspectives on the fight. Keep going Peter….. 🙂 Julie

  3. Peter you are an absolute insipiration for so many. Not only have you left an amazingly iconic legacy in Coles, you’re doing the same on a broader scale in your new mission for life!! You deserve nothing but the best.

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