Month 9, Day 17: A Global Problem and PM is hiding

Dying with Dignity is indeed a Global movement. We are a part of a world on this that is striving for change. Today World Federation of Dying With Dignity further supported my/our crusade to get the law changed to the benefit of the terminally ill. Furious Tony Abbott will not engage around conscience voting. I need to get political, help me!

It is no surprise but with less than 20 days left on crowdfunding I do have to push in a few blogs the huge need to activate those wallets and help ensure my documentary gets made. I hope to live to die under the law but doubt it. The documentary is my plan B and as you would understand is a huge private thing to set my family up for, BUT we are all in and well on the way.

The world is supporting us as you see in the link below. Surely it is not to much to hope for more than 460 people to chip in a few bucks. The world has a few billion people, please be one. Check out the link and thanks in anticipation.

On normal stuff had a great day, caught up with a good friend who came to coffee with a Penfolds Bin 389! Talked to a business friend in Singapore which should become a great dinner, studied some legal stuff, a brief for an Affidavit I am going to do in a manner that it will be admissible in a case post my death, did an interview with a great budding freelance journo. Also had a visit from my Pallitave care team who I love, and from my Oxygen bottle supplier, great chats and ideas and a quick zoom to the hospital for bloods as Chemo again on Monday. Great vampire, did not feel a thing. Cuddled my dog and family. Off to the beach with friends for the weekend. Who says choice and control over ones future does not make for a fantastic today! Another day.

Dr Rodney Syme the man who started me on this and has shown me he will ensure I have the knowledge and means around choice, also got back to Australia after a month overseas. Great comfort, can’t wait to catch up.

Surprise me with the fundraising by Sunday night, it will be a great documentary.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

6 thoughts on “Month 9, Day 17: A Global Problem and PM is hiding

  1. This PM and his cabinet have made it clear from the start that they do not govern for the people of this country. They govern for power and the agenda of high end business- and the conservative right wing have Abbott by the short and curlies. The man has no personal moral compass, nor any empathy for the human condition. I wish you well in getting his ear, but suspect his allegiance to the catholic agenda may hamper your efforts, Shorty..

  2. The arrogance of the people opposed to choice is astounding. I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. My prognosis is a more or less steady deterioration with loss of control of movement, incontinence and loss of cognition leading to me lying curled up in a bed with someone else feeding me and wiping my backside until I die. The average progression of this disease is 17 years (I have had it for 5) and there are no treatments except for some symptoms. The arrogant self-righteous people who think that they have the right to take away my ability to decide to end this process and when are psychopathic. This means they are amoral, lack empathy and lack a conscience. (see dictionary)

  3. I am a supporter of voluntary euthanasia. I had to watch my Dad die with alzheimers and now my closest friend is dying from lung cancer and brain tumours. A couple of years ago I wrote to the SA state government on this subject as Bob Such MP was trying to put through a Voluntary Euthanasia Bill in SA. Sadly, it was rejected and since then Bob Such has died from a long term illness he was suffering from. I am also an avid supporter of Dr Phillip Nitschke, who was recently deregistered as a doctor thanks to a campaign to stop him in the good work he has been doing to provide people with information regarding how to end ones life in a peaceful way. Will this documentary talk about the work done by Dr Nitschke in this area and discuss progress to date (or lack of) in Australia to get the laws changed.

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