Month 9, Day 16: Senate Hearing clips and how it felt

Yesterday was a long day, but it really paid off with reports on ABC News and Seven News last night and other newspaper websites. This is big to get Dying with Dignity into the mainstream media TV. It has been a while.

I sat through most of the day listening to other for and against witnesses and really could see no stong rational not to progress this legislation. Senator Singh (L) and Senator Di Natale  (G) were very impressive in their knowledge and ?. The rest of the panel also very astute. Often gross non factual generalisations which had been submitted to this hearing and very old studies and incorrect facts were clearly shown for what they were, myopic barrow pushing. Dying with Dignity Victoria also put the most incisive facts and rationale and what I would see as knockout blow, to the slippery slope debate. It was music for the ears!

Please click here to watch the Seven News report.

Below are a couple of newspaper articles from the Herald Sun and which have covered yesterday’s hearing.

Interesting development in Brittany Maynard story. She and her version of Dying with Dignity are trying to raise $500,000 to fund expanding Dying with Dignity laws to greater than the current 5 states in the United States. Where it is amazing is an angle supporter has come in and said they will donate $1 for every $1 raised effectively doubling the outcome.

Crowdfunding for my documentary to change the law for all Australians is going well at nearly 400 funders and 52K but I really need help to tap into the bulk of my friends, associates and supporters who just haven’t got to it. If this is you please follow the documentary/donate tab at top of blog. Pushy aren’t I, must be something to do with importance of  the goal and only 19 days to hit it.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 11/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 11.5/10

PS Upped mental health today as I am doing some legal work for fun and the lawyers may be checking 🙂

2 thoughts on “Month 9, Day 16: Senate Hearing clips and how it felt

  1. Peter, you are right, Senators Di Natale and Singh were very impressive yesterday but I have to say that it was you who gave the ‘knock out blow’. I don’t believe there is any message that could be stronger than the call for law reform from people like you and Brittany Maynard in America.

    So congratulations on your evidence to the inquiry yesterday. It was difficult for me to listen to a lot of the evidence given by the opponents of voluntary euthanasia and I can’t believe they feel comfortable distorting the true picture of what happens overseas where these laws have proved to be so safe and effective and above all, compassionate.

    Keep up the great work.

    Shayne Higson
    Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW)
    State Convenor and Lead Candidate

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