Month 9, Day 10: Medically assisted death for our Cat and a personal video plea

Hi, sad day but we have decided our much loved old cat has run out of steam. Last 6 mths of pain killers and steroids have gone as far as they should. She looked up at Elizabeth this morning with a mouth full of fur she had just plucked out and a pained paw and her eyes confirmed what we thought. Off to the vet at 6pm, and she loves going there so no trauma, for her.

Please play the video and act, still need help. I mention in it, the voice is not cancer but it is! Rats. Essentially my lymph nodes pressed into my left voice box and collapsed it. The solution was go in and fill it back out again with something called vox, push back on the lymph node so to speak. Anyway voice is back though a bit strained and no idea how long but all good for now. Enjoy the video and I will put up Steve Price interview. It went really well and is played probably to be played Monday night.

Hope you liked it and spring to action!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

13 thoughts on “Month 9, Day 10: Medically assisted death for our Cat and a personal video plea

  1. Pete, you put most of us to shame. Your passion and current energy is so inspiring, as is Libby’s and your beautiful son, Mitch. I am sharing as much as I can. If I can stand beside you or for you at a march, meeting, or media, just ask. The one commodity I don’t have right now, is money. Keep on keeping on…… I get a feeling of, like most fundraisers…..the REALLY BIG bucks start coming towards the close of the telecast/telethon. Xx

    • Ha ha that is interesting and no drama re $. The movie producer says the same thing. Would you believe when I got into this I said to him we are up for it but he has to sort the money I am not hitting on people. But can’t keep a good man down. I am hoping the telethon thing is right. I feel excited we are getting momentum and 45K is a pretty good start! In my old role the team raised 1c million for cancer council on daffodil day, this feels even harder:)

  2. I am totally gobsmacked at your enthusiasm, and where on earth do you get the energy from? I am in awe of you. Mitch looks pretty proud of his father.
    Keep it up Peter, keep on inspiring us all. Nelly

  3. Peter you have so much enthusiasm for life, and you are the sort of person that could turn you life around with alternative therapies. One of the reason is that you are a real go getter and a conqueror. I just wish you would do some alternative research because you would have to be one whom would and still could make it., Have you hear of Cellquest. – Esophageal Cancer Survivor-ABC News-natural cure. I’m sorry I just don’t understand why you have not tried anything else just because your doctors have tunnel vision and can not look outside the box, but they sure do put a lot people in them? Chemo has trouble ratings an that has not change much in 50 fifty years. But it is your choice and your life and you will die when you choice. I still admire you and your cause. I will be donating to your documentry. You should go an see Phillip Day Survive & Thrive Tour he is Australia in Late
    October, He has a good amount of followers and if you spoke with him, He may even be able to support your cause.

    cheers and best wishes always

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the support. Part of all this for me is making decisions around trust of doctors, having comfort around reality and maybe I am wrong but I made a life backing my decisions and this one is the Doctors I have read the tealeaves correctly.Also I am very fact driven and chillingly realistic I think.

      • I can only second Donnella’s suggestion. I’m surprised you haven’t actively looked at other alternatives to traditional Western medicine. If it were one of your children dying then would you look? If the answer is yes, or even maybe, then please check it out for their sake.

        If you are fact driven then why ignore facts about this helping some others, and potentially you? Sorry – I’m not trying to force you any more than Donnella is, just feel I need to raise the question.

        Kind regards,

  4. Hi Peter,
    You are doing amazingly well.

    Your description of your cat is both poignant and apt. I hope it’s not too traumatic for the rest of you. It’s amazing how something like this, when done well, can actually be consoling or even healing in some ways. I wish this for you and your family in the midst of your loss.

    I just wanted you to know I have tweeted your request for more help and been very surprised where it ended up – someone in Africa, who I don’t even know of, is apparently a co-founder of JumpStartAfrica and he’s retweeted it. I hope this works out well for you.

    Blessings and kind regards,

    • Africa, fantastic country. It is interesting in terms of blog interactions across the world. I have followers in about 60 countries. I will put the map up some time and we can see if we can fill in the countries missing with subscribers.

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