Month 9, Day 9: Can I talk?

Hi real quick one for a change. Operation was a success. I now have a reasonable voice if I don’t push it. Did not get a French accent. Talk about instant results. How long or how strong will be just one of those mysteries we will find out about. Special thanks to Grace my nurse, look up the U2 song of the same name it is a beauty.

I get a chance to give it a fly as Steve Price rang to ask if I would talk on radio about my view on Brittany Maynard. Will prerecord in 15 min and may play on radio tonight. Wow what a lady and story.

She is doing in the US what I am working on here. Hers is an amazing perspective, have a look. Please click here to read her story.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5 /10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

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