Month 9, Day 8: Bugger, off to Hospital

Well I have just the best medical team. This arvo off to standing oncologist Des, my main man is holidaying, to enquire where my voice went. 4pm. View was it is cancer related issue things pushing on vocal chords. Mitch guessed that right, I was the ongoing cold theory. I say but I am supposed to speak at the Senate Hearing next week on Dying with Dignity! They ring ENT guy. 5.30pm at ENT guy a few suburbs away and he looks and sprays and pokes a thing like a small elephant trunk down my nose into my throat. Verdict yep oncologist was right. Solution small operation, poly filler in vocal chords and they will sort of work again. How about see you at the hospital 9am tomorrow, stay the day and all goes well home for dinner talking again. I signed up so that is my day, interesting a new voice from here on, I am going to ask for a slight french accent so I sound like Sophie. You never want to get cancer but gosh if you do you need to go the journey with my guys it is almost fun, unbelievable customer service.

Eliz home today from her op yesterday. Foot all bandaged but surgeon found nerves wrapped in scar tissue in her foot and is very confident, great news though I was supposed to be the carer. Will be tonight anyway.

Funniest part is day started with me going to pick up my special car from the special car place as it was reading a fault that was to be fixed. They brought it out and fault showed up again so they gave me a brand new Macan Sport. Suppose that will sit in the drive till they sort the electronic glitch the Black Banana 2 seems to have developed. It was fun racing it between doctor places.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 9.5/10 Physical Health 6/10 Life Enjoyment 9/10

10 thoughts on “Month 9, Day 8: Bugger, off to Hospital

  1. Clearly not a great day …but a great attitude as always shorty. Keep strong mate. I am sure Elizabeth is looking forward to you having your voice back !!!

  2. Hi Peter, Those politicians better listen to you next Wednesday. No-one else would go to so much trouble to be heard. Whatever voice those brilliant doctors give you today, I know it will be put to good use. Good luck and take care. We will all be thinking of you today.
    Regards Shayne Higson
    Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW)
    State Convenor and Lead Candidate

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