Month 9, Day 2: Like my plane?

Hi today you are looking at Whitehaven Beach, and a no mess around way of getting there. This ends the island escape. Eliz and I were chatting around some people must look at this stuff and think, are they for real? I think the point is that we are just lucky and making the most of it all.

Eliz is looking forward to getting home because Winni one of our dogs, the oldest, has had a run in with pancreatitis which Mitch managed through with the dog doctor.

Tomorrow is the first Senate hearing in Canberra regarding the Dying with Dignity bill, I will put the agenda up tomorrow.

Crowdfunding has 30 days left and we are getting close to $40,000, so $60,000 to go. Thanks so much to the 276 funders so far, and feel free to join in if you are considering, click here for more details. We still have 4 drive of a lifetime packages available so be quick and get one for Christmas. All funds from them go straight to the doco. I will get a film up soon but to get a feel look at http:/

I still have no voice after my chemo 2 weeks ago so expect I will need to sort that soon as doing nothing seems a fail and whispering only works with horses long term! So much to do and so little time went the mouse, tic toc tic toc went the clock.

  Beach from air   seaplaneBeach

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment 14/10

1 thought on “Month 9, Day 2: Like my plane?

  1. Peter, Whitehaven Beach looks sublime. I hope Winnie is recovering. Here’s to tomorrow’s Senate Enquiry. Come on, please, Australia, just get on with it and embrace what needs to be done. Deborah

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