Month 8, Day 11: Senate submissions available & 2 Possums saved

My good friends at Senator Di Natale’s office rang to say the submissions for the exposure draft are up on the govt web site. All the details are there, lots of reading and I think the for case certainly has lots of good exposure. Click here to have a read.

This arvo I noticed something moving on the top of our pergola which has an open/close roof system. It turned out to be a near dead mother possum and 2 babies crawling around on her. I rang wildlife Vic and they said they could call a volunteer or better could we get them and take them to a nearby vet. Eliz was all ready, but our lawn mowing friend was up the street and we do not have a ladder. They climbed up, we retrieved the 2 babies and found the barely alive mother had been trapped by the tail when the roof closed in the storm 2 days ago. Amazing. We then raced up to the vet and the mother was put out of her intolerable suffering (sound familiar!) and the babies will be fine and grow up at carers.

Documentary film funds raising still growing slowly, have a look and join in, every $ will help:

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 8, Day 10: A wonderful 89 year old

A fun few days. I am super proud of Caroline and the Dignity rings. They seem very popular and the packaging and messaging with each is really well done. As part of my weird journey I was contacted in a hand written letter by an 89 year old, sight impaired and living by herself in Kew, near me. She had gone to great lengths to write a letter and send 2 cheques for the doco which I have put into the crowd funding. The key thing in her letter was she said she had recently lost her best friend of 60 years and was intolerably lonely. Elizabeth and I went to visit her yesterday and she was a remarkable woman. 89 years is a long time and she has had an amazing life. She was also vert sharp and clearly had well informed and strong views on many things, Dying with Dignity among them. The key ? she asked me was why do people accept and encourage people to live in intolerable suffering? Well it does boil down to as simple as that! I also went away thinking just how much difference it would make if there were younger people interacting with people such as her. The benefits to both would be outstanding. I can’t pick up a second project but………….maybe 1 person. I will take Missi my cocker spaniel over in a week or 2 as a surprise.

Crowdfunding is up and running with 75 people supporting so far. The key to crowdfunding I think is a crowd, so I will keep pushing along. The direct link is below, have a look, I love the documentary trailer. I have a social media group across various media channels of about 22,000 and growing, as well as indirect links to other groups that are helping, should make 75 just a start.

Last night I had the fun of remeeting with the RMIT students who worked on possible dying with dignity campaigns with a view to whether they would consider actually activating what they have put up. Find out next tuesday. Only problem was I have lost my voice so it was not one of my finer communication moments. Also had a visit from a photographer and Rod Syme this morning. We are in an article in a few weeks time in the Weekend Australian magazine, will give you a heads up.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 8, Day 7: Great photo


Elizabeth and I are having a great few days in the apartment on the Gold Coast – check out the view!

Last week was in Nowra at a 40-year old friend’s funeral. Scott’s wife was amazing but it was all very sad. Losing someone in a tragic car accident again puts life in a harsh perspective which should make us all think how do we truly find balance between the necessity of our day to day life i.e. children, jobs, friends, cold weather and utopia?

Still working on every aspect of dying with dignity with the crowdfunding off to a good start and I hope we can attract lots more supporters. Feel free to follow the link below.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 8, Day 4 Help Doco Crowdfunding

HI, As you are aware, I’m making a documentary to change the law.

I’m super excited to announce the crowdfunding campaign has launched and it allows people to fully understand why I’m making this documentary.

Never before have I tried to raise money for something as intimate and important as this is to me. I understand in a busy world everybody is always trying to put the bite on you for one good cause or another. If I am going to get this documentary made, I need your help in seeing this as a cause you’re prepared to support me with and I’ll keep you fully updated.

Follow this link to learn everything you need to know and donate today.

Thanks in anticipation, Peter.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5 /10 Life Enjoyment 11/10