Month 8, Day 29: Best day ever…

Well it does not get better than Qualia at Hamilton Island. Eliz and I are having a quiet relax in fantastic weather. Today was breakfast with view, boat trip to deserted island beach all set up for just us, back to poolside in afternoon, a nap then off to the steam room and super shower. Dying sucks a bit but the retirement stuff is fun.

This week, the Senate hearing is held in Canberra on Dying with Dignity. I hope to present at the Melbourne one as I could not be there. Documentary crow funding at 1/4 way, and there are 5 fantastic exotic drive day packages for 2. Go on get one for a Christmas present!

Have also cracked 20,000 on the petition, let’s keep going. One weird thing is after chemo ie last Monday my voice always goes squeaky, well this time it has gone full stop, now in day 5! Eliz and I had dinner the other night and I used notes on my phone to ask and answer. Make things challenging when you imitate silence of the lambs.

QualiaQualia BeachQualia Pool

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 6.5/10 Life Enjoyment record 15/10



4 thoughts on “Month 8, Day 29: Best day ever…

  1. Good for you Peter – you both deserve some time in the “warm” sunshine – something us Melburnians haven’t seen for a while..thank you for your courage in everything you have taken on while you are going through the toughest challenge ever 🙂

  2. *** Come on everybody! Those of you who haven’t yet donated for the film – join in and dig deep please! And if you have donated and can spare a few dollars more please go the page now and support Peter. Every dollar will help. $$$

    Peter you keep relaxing and enjoy your time away 🙂 🙂 Julie

  3. Hi Peter, I have made a second donation to your cause in memory of my dearly loved wife, Jenny Gaze, who died from Pancreatic cancer on 22nd Sept 2010. Enjoy your time up on beautiful Hamilton Island and for your efforts in promoting this just cause of allowing choice for people. When my time comes I want to have the choice, that is all we are asking.

    • Doug, thank you. I am pushing but not trying for double donations. The fact you did it is appreciated and I hope it gives cause for a few more smiles thinking of your wife in good times

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