Month 8, Day 23: BiPartisan dilemma Dying with Dignity

Clearly Dying with Dignity and the draft bill in the senate needs conscience voting and parties do not come into it. That is the hope and goal I have. However we then get confronted by things like in my case local state elections. Some parties are clearly supportive of changing the law so terminally ill and incurably suffering people will have a choice around medically assisted death. So the dilemma. I have been given great support from some interesting sources such as Fiona Patten and the Australian Sex Party and their 30,000 plus supporters. Also the Greens clearly at local and federal levels with the likes of Richard Di Natale and the greens senators and leader Christine Milne, and state levels in fact across their whole party. Then comes the active support from Labor’s Alannah MacTiernan and Melissa Parke……..these are a few but are key activators. I need more. Have a look at the note sent to 30,000 plus Sex Party supporters on the following link.

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I conclude that picking parties and setting up a non partisan situation would be foolhardy but I do think it sensible when considering your vote to look to see if it goes somewhere supporting your underlying goals such as Dying with Dignity. This is yet another way to express yourself and I know I would be hypocritical not to support someone with this cause on their agenda on a person by person basis. I don’t say change party but ask your local parliamentarian and then see if they will be  an agent for change or you might consider it. Thoughts? Any help as from Fiona and the gang would be welcome.

Crowdfunding for documentary, $17,500  145 funders  $83,000 to go for target 43 days left, please help and not keep me in suspense……

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

4 thoughts on “Month 8, Day 23: BiPartisan dilemma Dying with Dignity

  1. Peter, If the 30,000 supporters of the Sex Party were to contribute just $1, You would have enough for the documentary with some left over. Sorry I wasn’t able to contribute more but as a pensioner I barely have enough to buy my next meal.:-) Regards, Rollei

    • It would be a fantastic thing though it would be $3 each. Sorry things are so tough for you, find a way to crash through there is always a crack in the matrix so to speak,find yours and tear it open,
      Thanks and good luck

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