Month 8, Day 22: Island, Metal & Kangaroo story…

Chemo today. In for a fill and all went well. Have had some veins weirding out ,not a problem as have lots more. They go hard and stay that way. Have gotten passed the 2 week cough cold thing everyone has so back on a more even keel though this week will have lots of naps. It enables me to get a feel of how things are really progressing. Bottom line is all good but getting harder to breath, run, life ,jump etc doesn’t work.

So the story re heading: I went to Phillip Island with Eliz a while back and to cut a long story short we went to meet a guy called DAK,!about/c10fk
and he is a used metal artist. Whilst chatting I noticed a very basic shape starting on his welding pedestal and he told us it was to be a kangaroo representing a wallaby he found hit by the side of the road and alive. He took it to the vet and on they way if played patta cake patta cake on his arm as he drove. Anyway the shape combined with the story was intriguing so I commissioned it. Went down last week, stayed over night at my sister Jills B&B Holmwood
Then with Patrick and his trailer we brought it back. Next step is to install it in the backyard as it is big and heavy. Also mounted on a metal spindal so it catches the flow of the air and turns with the wind.

Questions I have been asked is why? The answer of course is why not, there is no finish line! Will post a photo when installed with the 4 bags of concrete I bought today, lifted by Mitch.

Crowdfunding for documentary , $12,500 plus about 145 funders $5,000 pledged $83,000 to go for target 45 days left, please help

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7/10 life Enjoyment 10/10

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