Month 8, Day 7: Great photo


Elizabeth and I are having a great few days in the apartment on the Gold Coast – check out the view!

Last week was in Nowra at a 40-year old friend’s funeral. Scott’s wife was amazing but it was all very sad. Losing someone in a tragic car accident again puts life in a harsh perspective which should make us all think how do we truly find balance between the necessity of our day to day life i.e. children, jobs, friends, cold weather and utopia?

Still working on every aspect of dying with dignity with the crowdfunding off to a good start and I hope we can attract lots more supporters. Feel free to follow the link below.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

1 thought on “Month 8, Day 7: Great photo

  1. Peter, after following your blog for many months now I have become swept away with just how far you’ve come and your story. I saw the video and I think it is beautiful, so meaningful and incredibly powerful to watch- it brought tears to my eyes (I’d be lying if I said one). I admire you so much, not just for everything you’re doing but for making the most of what you’ve got! I mean life’s to short and i know that you’ll leave your mark inspiring those suffering from a terminal illness not to sit at home, but to keep on pushing and fighting till the fight is lost.

    I am behind you 100%!

    P.s we have met in these blog posts before 🙂

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