Month 7, Day 16: 10 weeks left to live!

It is interesting to now have blown away the plan that said I probably had 3 good months, 3 OK months and these 3 would be 3 pretty average months on the way to the end. I am very lucky to be at a stage where I think, just how long can this keep going. I can feel the killer in my lungs but I am winning at the moment. I even went to a pool and did 10 slow 50 metre laps, not bad and may keep it up.

Point of all this is how does one run a life on a clock where the hands are not doing as expected. Answer is after chatting with my wife I think the only way is to assume this just keeps going and lose sight of the medical plan end date. Therefore moving forward we are looking forward to whatever happens without thinking around a debilitation date. Boy do we have the next 3 weeks sewn up with exciting personal and business type things.

Thats the thought of the day as I sip a red, await Mitch to return with a bit of Chinese food for dinner and get ready to settle into a big week, CT scan and results, trip down the Great Ocean Road with 2 mates…and my camera man, Political meetings and even a few business discussions.

PS The petition sign ups have really stalled at around 17,700, any help appreciated lets get the unsigned excited and involved.

Got to go as my job is to warm the plates and get the cutlery ready!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.0/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 7, Day 14: Submission date is looming

We had Mitchell’s 23rd Birthday yesterday and celebrated with a great Japanese dinner and a bit of BlackJack. Don’t ask! Today however is all about submissions. If you are interested in doing more than a pro forma one the details below may help. I found writing mine helped flesh out my thoughts yet again and I made it just a little provocative. Feel free to copy and or adjust to suit what you may care to express.

Here is my submission to the Senate Inquiry click here to read it.

Earlier in the week I received an email from Dying with Dignity Victoria. I asked if I could publish it on my website as it outlines a clear process on how to submit and encompasses some points on the bill. To read the email click here.

Submissions must be submitted by Thursday 21 August.  

Lots more on, Senator Richard Di Natale and Dr Rod Syme over on Monday for a strategy chat, doing a Daffodil Day morning tea with Shell now Viva Energy and Coles Express and the Cancer Council tomorrow morning as part of our quest to raise $1 million for the Cancer Council, have met with some lobbyists who are going to send me a proposal around how we might ramp up the public awareness, did an interview which will be in Saturdays Geelong Advertiser and as an eternal optimist took a sports car for a test drive today, just may be what I need!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 7, Day 11: Friends

On the weekend I caught up with the parents of a mate who had sold their house and were moving to a retirement village. They had open house for the day for the generations of people who had enjoyed each others company to just come through that last time. His parents parents build the house some 70 years ago, that has lots of stories. I also had a visit from a lady whom Eliz and I both went to school with long long ago in a far away galaxy! It was 2 hours of mirth, chat and wonder around how lives evolve, the misery and all the ecstatic madness which in the end all works out.

Then today I drove up to Heathcote to catch up with friends I have not seen for 25 to 30 years. They live on a beautiful property hidden away in the forest with all sorts of interesting buildings, trees, plants and living areas. They also have a pet Donkey, good thing Missi ducked or she would have no teeth. We shared a few hours catching up on our lifetimes, a glass of tremendous local red and a wonderful home cooked lunch. I then took my friends advise and came home the back way and what a beautiful and fun windy drive, the signs are wrong the corners are not 85 max! The message here is it should not be a use by date on a life that causes us to look up old friends. If we liked each other a long time ago and drifted away there is no reason not to drift back on by, even if it may again be ships passing in the night. I feel very warm and relaxed after these experiences, yet another upside of tic toc tic toc.

Tomorrow to round it off a mate from again 25 plus years ago is dropping around for lunch! I would encourage anyone who is reading this to contact that person they always were going to but did not get to it, do it this week and enjoy the experience.

PS: Any help enlisting petitioners would be great, I have stalled at 18,600.

Pain 1/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.5/10 Life Enjoyment 11/10

Month 7, Day 6: Cancer Council and Daffodil Day

As part of my cancer journey I joined up 4 years ago as General Manager at Coles Express with the Cancer Council and Shell to raise funds. We had a goal by year 3 to raise on, and leading up to Daffodil Day $1million. Last year we hit $826K. This year is poised to blow it off the charts.

You can help by visiting Coles Express to buy a ball, bear or pin but put Friday 22nd August into your diary to fill up at Shell Coles Express as part of every litre will go to the cause.

I love what the Cancer Council team do to support the many people through journeys like mine when they are at their most vulnerable. There are many causes but make this one yours, and tell the team member Shorty asked you to drop in. Will be a few more prompts leading up to Friday 22nd August and I will let you know the outcome.

Click here to see my story on the Daffodil Day website, would love a like!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 7, Day 4: Working the Political Spectrum


What a fantastic day in Melbourne, cold clear and sunny, wouldn’t be dead for quids. I had a great weekend with friends, dinners but last night 2 late ones in a row proved to much. Tried some of the Barossa red’s, they lived up to expectation. I am lucky chemo does not change my taste buds thank goodness. Got me out of the dishes too!

I am getting lots of blog hits from across the ditch in New Zealand due to the NZ ANZ CEO naming his Daffodil Day daffodil for me, keep it up and thanks, feel free to sign the petition.

I have sent a new email to all Federal Politicians this morning which is self explanatory. I was very disappointed by the lacklustre response so am asking for a little more diligence. Hopefully it will help flush out further discussion on who stands where on Dying with Dignity and especially the Liberal government i.e. Tony Abbott on making a position clear re conscience voting on this topic as all others have been so explicit to do so. Please read, spread and help build momentum in every way possible.

Click here to read the email.

I am going to sit in the sun and have a read.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

Month 7, Day 2: World Right to Die Newsletter

Hi, things just keep getting more interesting. I am finding more friends who are connecting from the past, and still find there are interesting and exceptional things coming up every day. There is also the mundane like, getting up to let out the dogs in the morning on a family share basis, and of course picking up droppings (I was getting lazy and Eliz has revved me to action).

I am also constantly overwhelmed by the notes, comments and support of all the great people out there who are looking for change. I intend to do far more in political contact, media, speaking, education, documentary, the corporate space and any thing else that comes up. Ideas and you leading as well are all welcome. 100’s of noise agitators is far better than the few.

Sometimes something extraordinary just happens. I was unaware of the publication below, have a read, Dr Rod Syme and then myself are attracting Global attention, maybe this will interest a few more politicians. Please circulate widely to build awareness for the petition the current number of signatures is 17,857 – lets get it bigger! Also don’t forget to submit a submission to the government, click here for all the information on how you can make a difference.

Click here to read the World Right-To-Die Newsletter.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 7/10 (chemo week) Life Enjoyment 10/10