Month 7, Day 6: Cancer Council and Daffodil Day

As part of my cancer journey I joined up 4 years ago as General Manager at Coles Express with the Cancer Council and Shell to raise funds. We had a goal by year 3 to raise on, and leading up to Daffodil Day $1million. Last year we hit $826K. This year is poised to blow it off the charts.

You can help by visiting Coles Express to buy a ball, bear or pin but put Friday 22nd August into your diary to fill up at Shell Coles Express as part of every litre will go to the cause.

I love what the Cancer Council team do to support the many people through journeys like mine when they are at their most vulnerable. There are many causes but make this one yours, and tell the team member Shorty asked you to drop in. Will be a few more prompts leading up to Friday 22nd August and I will let you know the outcome.

Click here to see my story on the Daffodil Day website, would love a like!

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Month 7, Day 4: Working the Political Spectrum


What a fantastic day in Melbourne, cold clear and sunny, wouldn’t be dead for quids. I had a great weekend with friends, dinners but last night 2 late ones in a row proved to much. Tried some of the Barossa red’s, they lived up to expectation. I am lucky chemo does not change my taste buds thank goodness. Got me out of the dishes too!

I am getting lots of blog hits from across the ditch in New Zealand due to the NZ ANZ CEO naming his Daffodil Day daffodil for me, keep it up and thanks, feel free to sign the petition.

I have sent a new email to all Federal Politicians this morning which is self explanatory. I was very disappointed by the lacklustre response so am asking for a little more diligence. Hopefully it will help flush out further discussion on who stands where on Dying with Dignity and especially the Liberal government i.e. Tony Abbott on making a position clear re conscience voting on this topic as all others have been so explicit to do so. Please read, spread and help build momentum in every way possible.

Click here to read the email.

I am going to sit in the sun and have a read.

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Month 7, Day 2: World Right to Die Newsletter

Hi, things just keep getting more interesting. I am finding more friends who are connecting from the past, and still find there are interesting and exceptional things coming up every day. There is also the mundane like, getting up to let out the dogs in the morning on a family share basis, and of course picking up droppings (I was getting lazy and Eliz has revved me to action).

I am also constantly overwhelmed by the notes, comments and support of all the great people out there who are looking for change. I intend to do far more in political contact, media, speaking, education, documentary, the corporate space and any thing else that comes up. Ideas and you leading as well are all welcome. 100’s of noise agitators is far better than the few.

Sometimes something extraordinary just happens. I was unaware of the publication below, have a read, Dr Rod Syme and then myself are attracting Global attention, maybe this will interest a few more politicians. Please circulate widely to build awareness for the petition the current number of signatures is 17,857 – lets get it bigger! Also don’t forget to submit a submission to the government, click here for all the information on how you can make a difference.

Click here to read the World Right-To-Die Newsletter.

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