Month 7, Day 21: Life is amazing even when dying

Big update. Yesterday scans went well. Results are encouraging albeit the lungs are a bit worse than last time. My oncologist however sees my situation as way in front of expected KPI’s so summer and getting really tanned with no skin cancer worries is one plan. Then after much family chatting we went to pick up a used Porsche Cayman at the Melbourne Porsche shop same place I sold one 8 months ago. They were fantastic and even gave us some great Porsche coffee cups as a special. It was and will be a lot of fun. Then drove for drinks with Kirsten and Lissane at a new bar in Malvern.

Today 2 old friends set up a day that ranks as a top 10. Drive to Freestones diner and car museum on the Great Ocean Road. Mr Freestone, his wife and their German shepherd flew in in their chopper and he walked us through some fascinating stories on their cars, business and life. 2 people and a dog that really have it sorted. Then off along the Great Ocean Road with Tomo’s brother in a stripped bare old Holden used for time trials and hill climbs. I left a new brake print on the passenger floor. Naughty but unbelievable! Then onto the back of tomo’s 1100 Yamaha and hugging at speed for a 30 min ride to Torquay airport. Into a six seater flown by a Di Caprio double down along the coast up over and around the Apostles and back. Then back to Melb in Matts 635 BMW.

Thanks to the many who set this up. A bucket list day and I don’t have a bucket list

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 10/10 Life Enjoyment 12/10 ’twas a biggie

4 thoughts on “Month 7, Day 21: Life is amazing even when dying

  1. WOW! That is one hell of a day and well earned. I truly appreciate what you are endeavouring to achieve – I am one of your fully signed up followers and devotees and hope for a successful outcome.

  2. Hi there Shorty must have missed you last week on the Great Ocean Road,I was cycling between Torquay and Lorne .Have been down the West coast now for the past 5 weeks enjoying life, it seems we have so much in common !!!!! keep fighting on .

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