Month 7, Day 19: Steve Price Interview and Pollies

Yesterday was a big day. Had a CT scan to look at the enemy and will see results wed. My documentary friends filmed and it got a bit messy on the 2nd try at the trace chemical they inject, the nurse was tremendous but camera made her nervous. I also had a meeting at home with Senator Richard Di Natale and his team plus Dr Rodney Syme. It helps understand the bill process moving forward and shows there is lots to do, key is raise awareness, build petition and lobby members of parliament and the media. Great session and we have a plan.

Then had a great offer of support from an unexpected field. Spoke to Fiona Patten who is President of the Victorian Sex Party. They embrace Dying with Dignity as part of their Victorian platform and she appears keen to assist my efforts re petition and awareness. We are meeting up for a coffee next week to get a better understanding and it should be fun as she was very energetic and enthusiastic on the phone.

Then a cat nap till about 9.30 when I readied for my Steve Price interview below. The really positive thing here is they are truly interested and rang me as they wish to keep abreast of both my circumstance and the Bill process. If only there were 50 more Steve Price’s and 2GB’s Have a listen about 8 minutes

So far Special Forces Team DWD150 has had one member step forward.

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

PS: Lotti, you still out there I hope?

3 thoughts on “Month 7, Day 19: Steve Price Interview and Pollies

  1. Hi Peter,
    It is great to hear all your news. I met Fiona Patten earlier this year at a Politics in the Pub event and she is great value. She was very encouraging and the Sex Party has always supported voluntary euthanasia law reform. I think they have a huge database so hopefully she can help you increase your petition. I have sent off our submission to the Senate Enquiry so I hope everyone who intended to do one has by now – DEADLINE is this Thursday 21st August. I hope you get good news on Wednesday and will be thinking of you.
    Regards Shayne Higson
    Voluntary Euthanasia Party (NSW)

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