Month 7, Day 17: Help! Join my special forces team, DWD 150

Hi, Though there is a lot going on we need to change the game and step it up if Richard Di Natale’s /OUR national Dying with Dignity bill is to make it. At present I have a number of irons in the fire as do the Dying with Dignity organisations around the country and Richard Di Natale and co sponsor Alanna MacTiernan.

The rational for a Special Forces team of 150 people is that if you are not one of the few intimately involved with this legislation, blog, Dying with Dignity organisation etc you would not even know their is a bill up for comment, and submissions close 21/8/14! In itself this is OK but points to a need to fundamentally raise the conversation so that every media outlet, every, current affairs show, every influencer,every politician and everybody over the next 6- 8 months is aware of and promoting the need for change.

DWD 150 can substantially impact this and help shepherd the debate through the various stages not letting one politician off the hook with incomplete or vague responses to conscience voting and their arguments against this legislation. The current visible agitators and change drivers in this country are few yet 80% of people agree with to option of CHOICE i.e. medically assisted death for terminally ill or incurably suffering people in a proper and  controlled framework.

I am therefore putting out the call to take the current number of people in my core Special Forces Team, i.e. Rod, Judith, John, Richard and team, Alannah and team, Matt, Melissa, Jim, Michael, Elizabeth, Mitchell, Jeremy, Carolyn, Lucy, Marilyn  from 15 to 150. (Let me know if i have offended any one by omission)

Objectives are as follows:

Do everything you can as an individual to contribute in scale to increase Petition numbers, to debate and expose the legislation in the public arena and through political contact and direct impact influence having this bill voted on in the Senate and HOR successfully. You will revel in building on existing strategies that are rolling and inventing others for your self whiles sharing ideas with and belonging to a high performance team.

Your Capabilities

You need to be a self starter, able to create outcomes unaided and unresourced, may or may not have your own terminal illness, may or may not live in Australia, may or may not be religious, may or may not be aligned to or interested in a particular political party,media group etc. The greater diversity of skills and experiences and passions the better. You will have a real desire and capability to work with a virtual team, to effect change that will impact the lives of thousands of Australians going forward in a very positive way. Not just the terminally ill but the caregivers, the doctors and untold family members who live on. If this sounds familiar, I WANT YOU.

Next Steps:

Please think this through carefully. It is not about passion alone, but capability, networks, skill, imagination, resilience, action and a determination to win a rightful outcome against significant historical odds. Then send me an email at with a brief explanation of who you are, why you want to join and ideas on what you may be able to contribute, albeit you may not have that fully fleshed out. I will respond and build a group list. From there we will work out details.

I see this as us finding a new apolitical way to effect change, be part of a winning high performance team and be a group of people who truly make the difference real.

As well as the process above I would love to get some feedback via comments on thoughts around forming a Special Forces team. The DWD 150!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10, Physical Health 8.5/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

4 thoughts on “Month 7, Day 17: Help! Join my special forces team, DWD 150

  1. Peter I am a registered nurse specializing in palliative care. I have seen so many people in your predicament I am with you 100%

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