Month 7, Day 16: 10 weeks left to live!

It is interesting to now have blown away the plan that said I probably had 3 good months, 3 OK months and these 3 would be 3 pretty average months on the way to the end. I am very lucky to be at a stage where I think, just how long can this keep going. I can feel the killer in my lungs but I am winning at the moment. I even went to a pool and did 10 slow 50 metre laps, not bad and may keep it up.

Point of all this is how does one run a life on a clock where the hands are not doing as expected. Answer is after chatting with my wife I think the only way is to assume this just keeps going and lose sight of the medical plan end date. Therefore moving forward we are looking forward to whatever happens without thinking around a debilitation date. Boy do we have the next 3 weeks sewn up with exciting personal and business type things.

Thats the thought of the day as I sip a red, await Mitch to return with a bit of Chinese food for dinner and get ready to settle into a big week, CT scan and results, trip down the Great Ocean Road with 2 mates…and my camera man, Political meetings and even a few business discussions.

PS The petition sign ups have really stalled at around 17,700, any help appreciated lets get the unsigned excited and involved.

Got to go as my job is to warm the plates and get the cutlery ready!

Pain 0/10 Mental Health 10/10 Physical Health 8.0/10 Life Enjoyment 10/10

10 thoughts on “Month 7, Day 16: 10 weeks left to live!

  1. Peter, I have appealed to another set of people to sign the petition. I feel sure there are lots more supporters out there…how do we get to them? Good to hear you’re doing well! Your work on this cause is inspiring.

  2. Hi Peter, since I found out about your prognosis I have been following your story, I just wanted to say what a inspiration you are to a lot of people, a very special human bean I’m so glad I got the opportunity to meet you a couple of times at the managers forums take care.

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